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US Terror List Has Many Errors!

A report from the United States Justice Department indicates that among the nation’s 1.1 million people on the watch list for suspected terrorists there is a 35% probability that incorrect names are on the list. The report also shows that large portions of the list are governed by no formal processes for updating or removing names. Get your name on the list and the probability is it remains despite the fact someone made a mistake in placing it on the list. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “the audit confirms that the nation’s watchlist is massively broken.” The report most probably is listing thousands of innocent people who are unable to prove their innocence.

The Inspector General audit examined names and found that 24,000 were out of date. The list was originally compiled in the hysteria following 9/11 and it needs to be completely revised from top to bottom to ensure there is accuracy and to protect the rights of those who are innocent. Just another legacy of the Bush administration.

Atheist Soldier Claims Discrimination

A soldier has instituted legal action against the United States army for alleged discrimination against him because he is an atheist. Spc. Heremy hall says his religious rights were violated by the military which shows favoritism to fundamentalist Christians who constantly attempt to impose their views on other soldiers. The Justice Department insists there are procedures in the military to handle such complaints and Hall should follow the chain of command. Spc. Hall says he tried to bring the case to the Fort Riley inspector general but was denied. Hall’s cased is being handled by the Military Religious Foundation. He alleges while serving in Iraq in 2007, a captain forbid him to call a meeting of fellow atheists and he was harassed when it became known he was an atheist.

Upon his return home, Hall was placed on limited duty due to injuries suffered in Iraq but found himself the object of hate mail which claimed he was a “burden to the team” and “always quit.”

Justice Department Investigating Blackwater

The Justice Department is gathering testimony from Iraqi witnesses for a possible trial of Blackwater Worldwide security guards over a 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead. FBI agents and Justice Department attorneys arrived in Baghdad last week in order to conduct interviews as part of an investigation into the truth of what actually happened. An Iraqi police officer who witnessed the shooting was asked if anyone had fired on Blackwater security guards and he told the FBI team there was no attack on the Blackwater convoy and the shooting was entirely done by Blackwater personnel. Blackwater insists its guards were first fired on and were only responding to the shooting when Iraqi civilians got caught in the cross-fire. Initial reports by the U.S. military and the Iraqi government found no evidence of any ambush or firing on the convoy. Families of victims killed insist Blackwater guards initially opened fire on their cars.

Blackwater, like most private security firms, operates in a legal gray area. They are exempt from prosecution in Iraqi courts, but it is also unclear whether thay can be charged in American courts. The prosecution and conviction of Blackwater guards would have a powerful impact on Iraqis since it would demonstrate America’s commitment to democracy.