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Suicide Bombing In Kabul

It was just another Toyota car weaving its way through the streets of Kabul. The driver was halted a few times, he smiled, waved and moved on. The driver entered an area in which there were many German soldiers as well as American. He saw a car that had several Germans and headed toward it, but was blocked. He saw some Afghan soldiers moving toward him, reached to his chest, pulled the wire and was blown up along with four Afghan soldiers. He did manage to wound six American soldiers. It was just another day in the world of Afghanistan Taliban militants whose goal is chaos and destruction.

The United States, including those in the incoming Obama administration believe the solution is an additional 30,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. There will be no changes in the corrupt Afghanistan government which increasingly has lost support among the average people of the war torn nation, just more troops, and then more troops. Does more mean better is the real question? Does Obama have a new strategy or is his warmed over Bushism one more time?

Afghanistan Witnesses Further Violence In Kabul

President Karzai is reaching out to Taliban militants in order to halt the destruction of his nation as forces of violence continue to exert their influence. The latest example which depicts the weakness of his government was a suicide bomber who blew himself up on the steps of the ministry for information. The Taliban claimed credit for the incident which witnessed a man opening fire at guards before decided to explode himself and kill and wound several people. The incident highlights confusion which is now present in Afghanistan. Karzai is using the good offices of the Saudi Arabian government in order to broker some sort of peace with Taliban leaders, but does the suicide attempt reflect a desire on the part of the Taliban to illustrate its power or does it reflect internal divisions within the movement?

Most probably, if history is any guide, the Taliban is split between those ready to accept some sort of peace provided they can secure power in Afghanistan and those who will not end fighting in Afghanistan until they have gained complete victory. The best bet for Karzai is quickly securing some sort of peace arrangement. The problem remains — what is he willing to surrender in order to gain peace? And, the other question is –will the American government allow him to negotiate peace?

Chaos In Kabul As Independence Day Arrives

Afghan police commanders have ordered 7,000 officers onto the capital’s streets, including the country’s youngest cadets, to secure Kabul ahead of Independence Day celebrations. The unprecedented blanket of security came amid a spike in violence throughout Afghanistan with more than 90 people killed in clashes and attacks. The Interior Ministry said police would search buildings and cars to “create an environment of trust and prevent any disruptive actions by the enemy.” An Afghan lawmaker pointed out a one or two day operation may protect government officials for a few days, but chaos is growing in Kabul.

Nearly seven years have passed since America launched its invasion of Afghanistan to drive out the Taliban and capture Osama bin Laden. The situation is worse today than when fighting “stopped” in 2001. Afghanistan is celebrating an “Independence Day” but the nation is far from being independent from violence.