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New Polish Prime Minister Wants Troops Home From Iraq

Donald Tusk won election as the new prime minister of Poland in a smashing victory over Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kacynski. The Civic Platform party headed by Tusk won 40% of the vote which translates into about 194 seats in parliament. Tusk has made clear he wants Polish troops returned from Poland and expects the United States to provide greater incentives to Poland for stationing their missiles in his country. The European Union will heave a sigh of relief getting rid of Prime Minister Kacyskinski who opposed the EU on a range of issues including wanting a death penalty, environment concerns, and his opposition to abortion. The Prime Minister has consistently differed with leadership and decision making processes within the European Union.

It is good news that Poland is now more in accord with European Union views on a variety of issues. His insistence on withdrawing Polish troops simply means there is one more member of the “unwilling coalition” in Iraq.