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EU And US Urge Israel Unity Government

The current electoral mess in Israel has made any thought of peace in the Middle East become a belief in fantasy. Palestinian haters like Avigdor Lieberman are trying to secure power positions in a coalition government while religious fanatics are using their electoral power to ensure no retreat from the West Bank. President Obama and European Union leaders quietly let it be known to Israel leaders the only way out of the electoral confusion was a unity government of Kadima and Likud with Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister and Tzipi Livni in a leading foreign policy role. Hopefully Labor would also be included in such a coalition, but the important factor is keeping out of government those who seek death and destruction not only for Palestinians but for the future of Israel.

If Lieberman gains power all hope for peace is gone, if religious fanatics gain power to block a reasonable resolution of the West Bank than all hope for peace is gone. Israel needs a strong dose of realism.

Will Livni Put Zip Into Leaving Conflict Behind?

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livini won a closely fought battle as to who would represent the ruling Kadima party and become the new prime minister. Her opponent, Shaul Mofaz, has agreed not to contest contest and he also made clear there was no intention on his part to seek an important position in her Cabinet. He will seek to find other ways to contribute to the success of his nation. However, the pivotal ultra-Orthodox Shas party intended to make strong demands to have its agenda part of the new government. Livni made clear during her campaign to become the Kadima leader that she was not prepared to pay “any price” to form a coalition government and might resort to holding new elections.

Livni has been working with Prime Minister Olmert in seeking to build bridges to Palestinian leader President Abbas in order to secure an agreement with Palestinians. An ominous message to Livni came from right wing Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu who urged a new general election which he hopes will provide him an opportunity to gain sufficient numbers in order to organize a new coalition.