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Just Another Bombing Day In Afghanistan

President Karzai of Afghanistan is endeavoring to rally support for a national reconciliation effort and, as a first step, summoned a Loya Jirga meeting of important Afghans to sit down and discuss ways of enticing the Taliban to halt their policies of death and destruction. As he began speaking to the 1600 delegates, rockets zoomed into the compound and set off explosions. Karzai told the group to “sit down, nothing will happen.” and went on for the nth time explaining how his government wants to include all those who seek peace. Abdullah Abdullah, who opposed Karzai in the last presidential election, was not in attendance because he believes the delegates are simply stooges who will do the bidding of the president and do not really represent a cross section of the population. The Taliban did take credit for firing rockets and said three suicide bombers also blew themselves up, apparently without killing anyone other than themselves.

In a symbolic moment, President Karzai left the meeting after finishing his speech. He was in a convoy of armored vehicles which were being protected by US helicopters hovering above them. We can assume that delegates will not have available such protection, but will have to handle the Taliban all by themselves. In most countries of the world there are boring days, but in Afghanistan there are always bombing days.