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A War No One Can Win, But Someone Can Lose!

Three months ago, General McChrystal announced a major offense in Kandahar aimed at weakening the Taliban and making the area secure. As late as a few weeks ago, he boasted of “progress” in the fight even though reports indicated the Taliban was as strong as ever in the area. Over the weekend, McChyrstal confessed that “nobody is winning” and he could only promise there was need to keep up the pressure despite the fact no evidence is apparent that American and NATO casualties have resulted in destroying the Taliban. A leaked memo from US Ambassador to Afghanistan, General Karl Eikenberry, clearly explained the problem. Even as President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were hosting and praising President Karzai, the memo stated Karzai was “not an adequate strategic partner” and was using foreign troops to maintain his power.

It is clear that most Afghans do not like the Taliban, but they dislike their government even more. As Eikenberry notes, the “problem is not that the Taliban is strong, but that their government is so weak.” Vietnam, deju?

Taliban Warns Of New Attacks

President Obama, on recommendation of military leaders agreed to the dispatch of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in order to crush Taliban forces. There have been some victories against terrorist groups, but, there is no evidence the Taliban is going away. In fact, Taliban sources made clear it was going on the offense. “All foreign invading forces will ultimately face defeat” was their message to the media. There new offense is supposed to begin this week and includes killing several members of the Karzai government. Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Wardak dismissed the threat on grounds the Taliban lacks the resources to carry out any such action. “I do believe it is a propaganda campaign rather than a reality.” President Karzai this past weekend in the Washington Post claimed the international effort in Afghanistan “still has miles to go.” He blamed continued civilian casualties as impairing any effort to win over the general population.

Karzai met with wounded American soldiers and reminded them the people of Afghanistan were just like any other people who desire peace. The president is correct, but, of course, in other societies they have leaders who don’t rob the people blind nor do they take funds designed to help the poor and keep it for themselves.

Afghanistan: Ever Get Feeling Want To Go, Stay, Go?

There is increasing evidence that many European nations are rethinking their commitment to the war in Afghanistan. Danish officials are currently examining a plan which would result in the complete withdrawal of all their servicemen from Afghanistan within two years. They are citing President Obama’s proposal to have American troops out of that country within a few years. Reality is there is no prospect of any capable Afghan army being prepared to assume leadership of their country and meet the Taliban on a field of battle. George Bush wasted seven years with his meandering and confusing Afghan policy and President Obama is left to pick up the pieces.

The unanswered question is what would happen if the United States informed President Karzai that US and NATO troops were leaving his country within 12 months unless he clears out the corrupt officials who currently run the government. Would he act or wait it out and dare such an evacuation?

Anyone have the guts to test this one out?

Karzai -A Good Man? Or A Corrupt Man?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, President Obama does, and he is convinced that President Karzai is an excellent leader of his nation? Drug lords? Corrupt Officials? Incompetent government officials? Who the hell knows, Obama knows and is convinced that Karzai is “going to be a critical partner in this effort.” Of course, the president never made clear which “effort” he would help to accomplish. But, then again, when it takes an effort to get his friends and brother into positions of power so they can wheel and deal, Hamid is a man for all seasons in terms of ability. Our beloved president sent a letter of support to a corrupt, incompetent, and most probably, emotionally disturbed individual. l

President Obama told ABC News, “I think he has been a partner, but I think he has how own domestic politics that he has to deal with.” Sorry, Barack, so do you have your own domestic politics to play with and making an incompetent person your ally, is not smart domestic or foreign policy politics.

Karzai–Our Man In Kabul!

The Bush administration told the American people we were invading Afghanistan in 2001 in order to wipe out terrorism and to bring democracy to the people of Afghanistan. That was nine long, long, years ago and today after years of fighting, the American government can say with pride, we have a great leader in Kabul named President Karzai, the problem is who is he leading, the people of Afghanistan or himself? A man who controlled the government of Afghanistan and in case after case was found to have manipulated vote counts, now charges election fraud was caused by the United States. He was specifically asked if the “US carried out fraud,” and his response was–and is==”That’s exactly what happened,” the United States carried out a “massive fraud” and transformed a peaceful democratic election into one in which –??? I am confused, who did the US support in this “massive fraud?” Karzai won the vote count so who were the Americans supporting?

There simply is no logic in this man’s discussion of his country or voting. He insists the U’s refuses to recognize “Afghanistan is a sovereign country.” Actually, he is 100% correct. Afghan is a sovereign country and it is led by their sovereign, King Karzai.

Is President Karzai Mentally Kaput?

As I faintly recall, under the administration of President Bush, conservatives hailed the presence of President Karzai in Afghanistan as proof that democracy was winning in Asia. Fast forward to 2010 and the same Karzai runs the most corrupt regime in the Middle East, he invites President Ahmadinejad to Kabul in order to let Americans know they can not tell him what to do and allows his brother to be head man of drug dealers in southern areas of Afghanistan. Karzai told the media over the past two weeks that America and NATO nations were out to get him and they were a bunch of foreigners who refused to allow Afghans to run the country. White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs was confused about the Karzai temper tantrum and commented: “Obviously, some of the comments of President Karzai are troubling. They’re cause for real and genuine concern.”

Karzai’s political opponent, Abdullah Abdulalh, offered an explanation of the weird behavior of the president. “As a former colleague(he served as Foreign Minister under Karzai) and doctor, I think this is beyond the normal attitude.” In other words, is a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?

Karzai recently admitted there was corruption and fraud in the last presidential election, but blamed the UN and America for these problems. We repeat, is there a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?

Obama In Kabul–To Shoot The Bull Or Take It By Horns?

President Obama made a surprise visit to Kabul and the jury is still open as to whether he is engaging in another bull session with President Karzai in which the Afghan leader makes vague promises which are shortly forgotten or whether Afghans are told what must be done–or else! General Jim Jones, a military adviser to the president told the media things were now different from the Bush era in which no pressure was ever exerted on Afghans. He assured one and all the president was going to make clear about new action such as a “merit based system of key government officials, battling corruption, taking the fight to the narco-traffickers which fuel the economic energy of the insurgents” and dramatic evidence the era of “talk and promises” was over.

We wish Obama luck on this approach, but we trust he understands that one more meeting about things which will never happen in the future is simply one more wasted opportunity for success.

We Are Fighting To Ensure Karzai Remains Top Dog

In a stunning development in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai defied Western nations whose troops are fighting and dying to ensure that he still has power. Karzai announced that from now on he would appoint the five members of the Electoral Complaints Commission which last year voided some of his illegal votes and forced Karzai into a runoff election. The president has also made clear no longer will foreigners be on this commission and it will be staffed by those who are loyal to the boss man–Karzai, that is. Karzai also made clear to the US there would be no decrees from him in the near future dealing with corruption in government. After all, why have power if you can’t make money out of this position?

At this very moment some wonderful and brave young men and women representing many nations are risking their lives. But, for what? According to Karzai they are in Afghanistan to ensure he controls government and his buddies make money. God Bless Democracy.

Massachusetts And Politics Of Arrogance

A year ago this blog urged the new president to focus on two issues– restoring the financial stability of the nation and JOBS! We have continually been advocating the importance of providing jobs for people. Mr. Larry Summers who in December, 2009, stated that the “recession was over” is symptomatic of President Obama’s problems. There is no evidence any of his advisers had the slightest grasp of the anger among Americans. What the hell is having health care if you can’t pay the premiums or purchase the medicine? It took Obama until December, 2009 to finally have a “jobs summit.” The establishment spent a day or so talking about the need for jobs, went home, and nothing was done. Initial comments from Obama headquarters blame the loss in Massachusetts to an uninspired campaign by the Democratic senator. Yes, she did a terrible job, but she did not lose because of failure at being dynamic, she lost because people have lost faith that Barack Obama cares about their IMMEDIATE NEEDS!

What must be done by Barack Obama?

1. Pass legislation that temporarily suspends free trade provisions and take a leaf from China by making it compulsory that new green industries must be located in the United States.
2. Pass taxes on the wealthy of this nation including taxes on corporate greed by those who received bailout money. That money should go into a special fund for use in job creation.
3. It is time for Barack Obama to cease behaving like the smartest kid in the class and talk honestly with the American people. His “cool manner” may come across to him as “presidential” but it is poor politics when people do not have jobs. Show passion.
4. During the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt who was born to wealth cast himself as the enemy of big business and Wall Street. He identified with fears of average citizens. Within five months after assuming office, there were jobs for over two million people.. Oh, today we have a 10% unemployment, then FDR confronted a 25% unemployment.
5. Did Franklin Roosevelt make mistakes? Of course, he did. But, he never lost sight of the importance of linking to people.
6. For over a year, this blog has been urging a reduced health care bill. Americans are furious at Obama and Congress for devoting the entire year discussing healthcare when people lacked jobs. The health care reform for year one should have been: (a) make it illegal to deny health care insurance for pre-existing conditions, (b) pass legislation guaranteeing all children under the age of 18 health care run by the national government; (c) focus on technology improvements in health care information. These three laws could have been passed in the last year.
7. Let me add a rather nasty and unfair recommendation. Michelle Obama comes across as a woman interested in fashion. During a recession, the First Lady should NEVER focus on fashion. She should be interacting with poor people and dressing modestly. Jacqueline Kennedy was not loved, she was admired. Eleanor Roosevelt was loved. Make your choice, Michelle.
8. Inform President Karzai of Afghanistan he has two choices. Choice one is appointing a Cabinet of business people, technocrats, academics and those with technical skills, Choice two is: if you do not appoint such a Cabinet, American armed forces will begin withdrawal on December 1, 2010.

If Corruption I Does Not Work, Try Corruption II

President Hamid Karzai submitted his original Cabinet of inept officials and 17 of his appointees could not even pass muster from the corrupt legislature of the country. So, Karzai is at it again with another selection of men and women who could be accepted by warlords an drug dealers. As analyst Haround Mir notes, “most of these guys are unknown to the Afghan people” and tend to be connected to warlords and minor political hacks who supported the election of Karzai. As Mir points out so aptly, “Karzai wants to survive an survival means for him no organized opposition. So no one is left our of the government from the traditional groups and parties.” In other words, it is not about your competencies as much as about who you know or who is known by your relatives.

A western diplomat was not as diplomatic as Mir and argued, “when you look at connections some of them have to warlords, Islamist parties or plain old crooks. It really does look like a return to the bad old days of rewarding your mates with a lucrative government job.”

The problem for America is these individuals will not gain the support of the people of Afghanistan and all they will do is continue ineffectiveness. I wonder how President Obama explains this group of incompetents to the competent American and NATO men and women who are fighting for the survival of Afghanistan.