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President Karzai-Would You Buy A Used Nation From Him?

There are liberal critics in the United States who seek to have President Obama end any relations with the corrupt regime of President Karzai, but the facts reveal the Afghan leader is really not as corrupt as charged by his critics. There are 180 nations listed on the corruption list and Afghanistan is not at the bottom, it is second from the bottom. This proves conclusively that Karzai is making headway in leading his nation away from corruption and incompetence. Fortunately, for him, there is always Somalia and that means no other country can out pace Somalia in the corruption-chaos department. Karzai has repeatedly been urged by western nations to rid himself of corrupt associates, and the little man is ready to take some action. He most probably will discharge foreign minister Rangreen Dadfar Spanta who has not done the worst job in the world, but he lacks contacts with drug lords so who the heck wants him around. However, Karzai in presenting his government to the world made certain his two vice presidents, Muhammed Qasim Fahim and Abdul Karim Khalili, who are both known to be cosy with drug lords and have been charged with numerous human rights brutalities.

So, what does the western world do? No one in his right mind would seek to depend on this trio of incompetent corrupt individuals if the goal is securing peace in Afghanistan. But, President Obama would rather allow himself to be manipulated than to take a stand and say to Karzai-end corruption or we end our stay in Afghanistan. The assumption is if western nations leave, the Taliban will waltz into power. But, would they? Or would local chieftains and tribal leaders then engage in conflict with the Taliban?

Anti-Corruption, Afghan Style

There are people who function under the mistaken view that corruption can be eliminated by getting rid of corrupt officials. Newly “elected” President Hamid Kharzai, operates under a completely different perspective in dealing with corruption in his country. If you fire corrupt officials all it means is they will be replaced by corrupt officials so the solution does not lie in getting rid of incompetents and crooks. As Karzai noted, “these problems can not be solved by changing high-ranking officials.” Of course not, the fact they are “high ranking officials” means they have high-ranking connections and if they are replaced by low-ranking officials,” all that means is corruption will be functioning under supervision of low ranking rather than high ranking corrupt officials.

Please don’t get me wrong. President Karzai pledged that he will do his “best” and how can anyone doubt when an incompetent president is placed in charge of getting rid of incompetent crooks, the end result will be to place in power more competent crooks and corrupt individuals. The last thing on the mind of Karzai is to install in office honest, effective officials. The presence of such people in power would give the Karzai administration a bad name.

Would You Run In This Election?

Even as Republican leaders in Congress demand that President Obama accept President Karzai as the head of Iran despite the obvious fraudulent election which he conducted, Afghan opponents are making clear there can not be free elections in their nation as long as Karzai calls the shots. His major opponent, Abdullah Abduallah announced he would quit the race since no action had been taken to eliminate fraud from the electoral process. “I will not participate” he told the media since no changes had been put into place to ensure a free election. Nader Nadery, of the Afghan Human Rights Commission, put it bluntly: “There is an absence of law here– this is a very tricky decision.”

The reality is election or no election, major problems in Afghanistan require a coalition government in which businessmen and technocrats run the show. The corrupt crew which surrounds Karzai has to go if there is to be any hope of dealing with the Taliban.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Czech Republic: “Uncommon Comics”
Rush Limbaugh reporting the news.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Bust Times For US Banks”
I think it is even bustier for those depositing their money in the banks.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Passenger Bolts Plane With Chute”
That is one way to avoid customs.

China, China Daily: “White House Hosts Halloween”
The Obama invited former vice president Dick Cheney to provide at the festivities.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Speaker Cuts Teeth On Health Commission”
He was trying to drum up business for the dentist area.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwait Unhappiest In Middle East”
Is that a boast or a complaint?

Qatar, Khaleej Times: “Obama Condemns Outrageous Baghdad Bombings”
His comment undoubtedly will end such bombings.

UK, The Independent: “Iran Arrests 18 For Promoting Satanism”
Gee, why did they arrest people who support the Iran government?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Karzai Is Best Bet”
If you want corruption, incompetence, etc…

Fraud In Afghanistan- Gee Whiz-What A Surprise!

An investigation of alleged fraud in the recent Afghanistan election for president left no one surprised since it was obvious to all, but the blind, deaf and stupid that President Hamid Karzai stole the election. The UN backed Electoral Complaints Commission said Karzai’s total was not 54.6% but closer to 47%. Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, Said Tayeb Jawad, said a run off election was “likely,” and hinted it might come as soon as a month from now. Somehow, there is something wrong with the idea of having a run-off when it is apparent Karzai has control over election counts, which polling stations will be open and can use the media and his allies in crime to ensure a “victory.”

Now, is the time for the United States to DEMAND the resignation of Karzai and appointment of a new coalition government run by businessmen and technocrats who are determined to ensure that money goes to aid the lives of ordinary people, not to enrich the thugs and cronies of Karzai.

Yes, There Was Fraud In Afghanistan Admits UN

After forcing Peter Galbraith to resign from the UN mission in Afghanistan due to his claims there was fraud in the recent Afghanistan election, his superior, Kai Eide admitted there had been fraud. He agreed there had been”widespread fraud” but denied claims by Galbraith that he had attempted to cover up actions by President Karzai to steal the election. For some reason, he continues to insist that Galbraith’s claim had “affected the entire election process.” HUH?

Galbraith had urged closing dozens of voting polling stations which were located in areas subject to Taliban influence because few would vote. Eide refused and those polling stations produced hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes for Karzai. Now, Eide claims he could not close the stations because to do so would violate democracy.

Can Karzai Be Saved?

During World War II, the corrupt inefficient regime of Chiang Kai-shek resisted efforts by American diplomats to reform his administration in order to win over the people of his country. He refused. During the Vietnam war an inefficient, corrupt series of regimes lost the support of the people and the Viet Cong benefited. Fast forward to 2009 and the corrupt, inefficient regime of President Karzai is losing the support of Afghans and the Taliban are growing in power.

In the recent “democratic election,” Karzai and his buddies blatantly manipulated the results to ensure he won. How does the United States now argue that Karzai “represents the people?” Reality is that Karzai must go and an independent government composed of businessmen, honest politicians and honest military leaders be appointed.

Surprise? Afghan Fraud Body Finds Fraud!

A few months ago when President Ahmadinejad of Iran shocked the world by manipulating voting to ensure he won the presidency, President Obama and other world leaders expressed their concerns. The UN backed commission investigating fraud in the recent Afghan presidential vote has announced it was necessary to exclude large numbers of votes for the inner, President Karzai since they were obtained through fraudulent means. There is abundant evidence Karzai in some districts secured 100% of the vote and even up to 110%. Either he is one heck of a popular guy or there is an inability to properly count votes.

Monitoring groups expressed “concerns” about the voting process. The real issue is how will President Obama and European leaders handle a situation in which “their guy” is a blatant crook who has stolen the election. lf Ahmadinejad is to be condemned, then what is done about Karzai?

Methinks something is rotten in the state of Afghanistan!

Will American Activists Explode About War?

An eerie feeling can be sensed in America as the war in Afghanistan moves from fighting to defend corruption and anti-feminism to a growing realization that nothing is working. The death toll rises to the highest level ever in Afghanistan even as the famous “surge” in Iraq which allegedly ended terrorism shows evidence it did not accomplish its goals. Modern Americans forget the original anti-Vietnam War protests were against a liberal Democratic president who refused to accept the reality of what was happening in the jungles of Vietnam.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson won an overwhelming victory of his conservative opponent Barry Goldwater and controlled Congress. Within a few years he was the object of ridicule by left wing protestors who marched in Washington D.C. urging the end of war even as they handed roses to soldiers who defended buildings. Johnson’s refusal to run for re-election set in motion the events leading to the election of Richard Nixon.

Barack Obama has surrounded himself with a group of “bright young men and women” who believe they know the truth whether it be rebuilding the economy or creating a new health care system. The arrogance of power readily goes to the head of people whether they be conservatives, socialists or liberals. Obama made a tragic mistake rushing to send 23,000 more troops before he really had a grasp on alternatives available in Afghanistan. He was determined to prove he was macho man who could be as tough on “terrorism” as any right wing ideologue.

There is a world of difference between toughness and critical analysis leading to pragmatic decisions. At this point, the Obama Afghan strategy has the US defending a corrupt Afghan government which has lost power at the village level. Perhaps, President Obama should read a history book on how Communism triumphed in China and Vietnam.

Oh, President Obama, the Harvard crowd screwed up Vietnam just as they are screwing up Afghanistan and the health care system reform.

Did Democracy Triumph In Afghanistan?

They had an election in the so-called democratic nation of Afghanistan. There was more than one candidate, those running could speak freely, and they even had ballots cast by ordinary citizens. Up to this point, Afghanistan had a democratic election. Initially, outside observers reported the election was close and most probably President Karzai and his main opponent, Abdullah Abdullah both had about 40% of the votes. However, within a few hours, the president’s office claimed Karzai had won about 70% of the vote. Most probably, Karzai consulted with President Ahmadinejad of Iran on how to fix the election.

A third candidate, Ramzan Bahardost ran a surprising strong campaign arguing about corruption in government. Other candidates have joined in the clamor about fraudulent counting of votes, stuffed ballot boxes and so on. There are over a thousand complaints about the election, but the counting goes on. The question is who is doing the counting?

Oh well, just another footnote in America’s drive to bring democracy to the benighted peoples of the world.