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So, What Happens If The “Good Guys” Steal Election?

Eight years ago, American forces under leadership of the world’s loudest voice for “democracy”– according to the standards deemed appropriate by the Republican Party– proclaimed US troops were freeing the people of Afghanistan from the tyrannical rule of the Taliban. Instead, they have been granted the right to live in a nation governed by the tyrannical rule of Hamid Karzai. Eight years have passed during which period, the Taliban once again became a force in Afghanistan due to the inept, corrupt rule of Karzai and his friends.

The election for a new president appears to be a virtual tie although Karzai insists he won an overwhelming majority. His major opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, insists he holds a slim majority. Reports abound of widespread fraud in southern areas of the country where Karzai’s Pashtun ethnic group inhabits. Abdullah has raised the prospect of a new civil war should Karzai steal the election. Added to the electoral confusion are reports Obama’s representative, Richard Holbrooke, had sharp words for Karzai insisting there must be a runoff.

From the Karzai perspective, if you knew before the election, you were winning by a wide majority why would you allow some westerner to tell you what to do! It’s rather simple:

Taliban are bad and intimidate people to vote.
Karzai is good and intimidates people to vote.
Therefore Karzai is the winner since the good guy always wins.

P.S. We men all agree there is no need for women to vote. After all, this is a Bush style victory for democracy!

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Blasts Islamic Extremism!

At a summit meeting between leaders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined with his colleagues to issue a Tehran Declaration against Islamist extremism and the drug trade. They expressed their concern how the drug trade was impacting their nations and disturbing efforts to create stable societies. President Zardari of Pakistan, President Karzai of Afghanistan accompanied Ahmadinejad to meet with Iran’s religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He told them “extremism has not only created problems for the region, it also threatens others.. especially those who created this extremism by funding it through their policies.” He apparently was referring to American military actions by Bush which have spawned terrorism in the region.

It is somewhat ironic to have President Ahmadinejad who supports extremism joining in denunciation of what he has supported. It is also ironic that Americans still do not grasp how Bush policies in the Middle East created terrorists and caused instability in the region. Isn’t it time the United States had a commission study the entire range of George Bush policies that have created so many problems in the Middle East and Asia?

Karzai Offers VP Choice To Noted Thug

Eight years ago, everything looked so wonderful as the Taliban fled Afghanistan and triumphant forces took over the country with promises of ending discrimination against women and helping to foster modern economic and social ideas. Eight years have passed during which time the people of Afghanistan have once again been confronted not only with the Taliban but a new government composed of swindlers and thieves who will rob the nation blind. President Karzai is running for re-election and he shocked the western world and human rights activists by reaching out to select Muhammad Qasim Fahim who is known as an individual with hardly the best recommendations for honesty. He associates with criminals, has been charged with drug charges and is responsible for the death of many people.

President Karzai did offer an explanation for this intriguing choice. He said although human rights people might not like his choice, the warlord will bring him votes and, after all, what is democracy for but gaining votes? OK, so he hangs around with gangsters, but he can get them to vote and anyone else who would like to stay alive.

Islam Of Allah Or Islam Of Mullah?

Bollywood film star, Shahrukh Khan recently commented there was a an “Islam of Allah and there was an Islam for the mullah, but unfortunately in Afghanistan these days the mullahs make decisions and Allah is not present. As the presidential election was drawing near, President Karzai, who years previously claimed to be in favor of equal rights for women, suddenly flip flopped and agreed to a law that makes legitimate non-consenual sex in a marriage because it requires women to “give a positive response”to the sexual desires of their husband. The law was obviously written by a group of mullahs because it does not allow women to leave the house with hubby’s permission or go to school unless the lord and master of the house agrees to such frivolous activities. It is not that President Karzai is an evil man, he simply will agree to anyone or anything that gets him votes. In 2008, he refused to act when a 23 year-old journalism student was condemned to death for downloading an essay dealing with women rights. In fairness, President Karzai did something, he got the sentence reduced to a twenty year prison term. It is for such generous actions by Karzai that American continues its support of the man with the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Hundreds of Afghan women are beaten by husbands, sexually abused and denied basic rights to an education but Karzai remains America’s favorite ruler in the country. Oh well, as former President Bush proclaimed: Mission Accomplished! The United States is supporting brutalization of women and legalized rape.

Afghan President Blasted For Anti-Female Law!

The Western world exploded with fury at the new law signed by President Karzai of Afghanistan which, in effect, allows a husband to rape his wife. The law says a woman can not refuse sex with her husband, leave the house without his permission, get a job or go to school unless hubby gives approval. Prime Minister Gordon Brown made known his fury at this piece of medieval jurisprudence by telling President Karzai in no uncertain terms what he thought about the law. “I made it perfectly clear to the president that we could be tolerate that situation. You cannot have British troops fighting, and in some cases dying, to save a democracy where that democracy is infringing human rights.”

President Karzai initially rejected criticism on grounds the West had “misinterpreted” the law but said it would be reviewed. Where is President Obama on this issue? American troops can not fight to support such a government. Either they adhere to basic democratic rights for ALL members of society or just let the Taliban take over– at least they are honest about their brutality and undemocratic views.

Why Did America Defeat Taliban In 2001?

As i recall, in 2001, President Bush cited as among the reasons for invading Afghanistan, the terrible record of the Muslim fanatics toward issues of women rights. Hamid Karzai, the man we essentially installed as president of Afghanistan, signed into law a new piece of legislation which forbids women from leaving their house without the husband’s permission. It also allows a man to have sex with his wife regardless of her feelings. OOps, we are not being fair. It says if a woman is feeling bad or having one of those female moments, she can decline the husband’s desire to rape her. The new law also grants custody of children to the husband or the grandfather.

Shinkai Karokhail, like other female members of the legislature, complained the bill was pushed through rather rapidly, with limited debate and all of its provisions have not been made public. Karzai signed the bill last month, undoubtedly in his attempt to curry favor among Muslim fundamentalists. Westerners are not loudly protesting, oh well, Karzai is among the “good guys” and when he behaves like a member of the Taliban, we just excuse away his behavior as we have his corruption and incompetence.

Say, why DID we invade Afghanistan?

WhyThe Taliban Win In Afghanistan?

Several years ago, American forces swept through Afghanistan and crushed the Taliban government which fled east to Pakistan. In theory, the departure of the disliked culture denying Taliban was welcomed by a majority of the population. But, apparently, American officials did not grasp the original reason the Taliban were welcomed in Afghanistan was due to widespread dislike of corruption in the government. President Bush soon fell in love with Hamid Karzai and welcomed his assumption of the presidency. Of course, once in power, Karzai and his older brother, Mahmoud Karzai, arrived back in the country from America where he ran a few local restaurants. Within a few years, Mahmoud has become a super wealthy man and has his hands in many pots from which people make money. For executives who have problems getting what they want from the Afghan government, a visit to Mr. Mahmoud Karzai can help pave the way to satisfaction.

The Karzai government is ridden through with corruption which makes it the poster boy for recruiting new members of the Taliban. Until the Karzai boys are forced to leave power, corruption will continue and the Taliban will grow stronger. One of the most important steps President Obama must take is to rid Afghanistan of its corrupt leaders. Can he do that?

Wither Afghanistan, Wither President Karzai?

Within a few months the war in Afghanistan will have lasted longer than American participation in both World War I and World War II. Every so often since the Bush initiated invasion of Afghanistan, there is a calling together of this or that group of “experts” to “review” what is going on and new steps that should be taken. The media dutifully reports the “review” and for several days there are stories and pictures and video clips until the entire issue of Afghanistan slips under the radar screen of what the media deems of importance. Richard Holbrooke has just concluded a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan which included discussions and a few photo ops. President Karzai of Afghanistan was pleased that someone from the Obama administration finally got around to talking with him and said he was, “very, very thankful that President Obama has accepted the proposal of Afghanistan joining a strategic review of the war against terrorism.”

There will be meetings in Washington and many photos and video clips shown about the visiting president of Afghanistan who will shake hands with Obama and pledge to fight for “democracy.” The problem is that Karzai and his cronies are crooks who smile and then go home to continue their inept ruling of the nation. Until Karzai and the incompetents leave office, nothing will change in Afghanistan.

I look forward to the next “review” of the war against “terrorism” which will take place in June of this year.

IG Investigation of US Army In Afghanistan

There has been growing concern among all sectors of the American political scene regarding the effectiveness of Afghan fighting forces in Afghanistan. Stories of corruption and ineffectiveness crop up virtually every day and given that America has been supplying and working with Afghan leaders for over seven years it has become increasingly obvious that something has gone wrong. The Pentagon is sending a team from the Inspector General’s office to check out exactly what has been done with the enormous funds spent on training Afghan security forces. The Defense Department recently noted that of the 242,000 weapons provided Afghan troops, they can only account for about two-thirds and it is unclear what happened to the other weapons.

The reality is that thousands of weapons now being used against American and Coalition forces are probably from weapons given to Afghan troops. It is time to clean house, and the first step is getting a new leader for Afghanistan.

Afghans Die, Who Were They?

Sis Afghans were killed in a night raid by American forces. This,in itself, is not significant news since thousands have been killed in night attacks, but the similarity to issues that were common in the Vietnam War continue to emerge. During the Vietnam war, the expression, “body count” signified pressure on US military leaders to kill people, particularly if one’s superiors were demanding dead bodies. The main problem in guerrilla style war is determining who represents the “enemy” and who doesn’t. An Afghan deputy governor, Gulad Shah Alikheil, said they were merely a civilian family and of the six, four were brothers. Alta Mohammad, a tribal leader, said “they were civilians. They were farmers. They were not Taliban.”

A basic problem confronting US or coalition forces is the inept and corrupt Afghan government of President Karzai. This has led to people using American forces to settle disputes. It is relatively easy, just tell Coalition forces that person “X” is a Taliban militant, and there goes another life. The problem must be solved at the beginning– ensure there is an honest and effective Afghan government. If not, we will not know in many cases whether the dead were Taliban of just “farmers.”