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Kenya Escapes Blood Bath By Shaking Hands

The clock of war was slowly ticking as opposing forces in Kenya fnally agreed on a power sharing process which will ensure both President Kibaki and his opponent, Raila Odinga, are prepared to share leadership of the government. Kofi Annan and his UN-backed Panel of African Eminent Persons and the African Union hammered out the deal which was finalized by handshakes on the part of Odinga and Kibaki. The agreement provides for restoring the position of Prime Minister and dividing members of the Cabinet based on their voting status in Parliament. Britin’s Gordon Brown hailed the accord as did the United States.

In a speech shortly after signing the agreement, President Kibaki pledged to work to see to it the deal was honored by all parties in Kenya. The prime minister will be elected by Parliament ensuring whichever party has a majority would now have a say in governing the country. But, despite this agreement, much work must be done. The past few months have witnessed unleashng of tribal anger and this requires ending prejudice and ensuring that all Kenyans enjoy equal economic, social and political equality. A great deal of multicultural education must be done in schools.