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Kenya Churches Call For Compulsory Religious Exams

Two major church bodies in Kenya ant religious education to made compulsory in the nation’s schools and students compelled to take examinations on what they learn about religion. The National Council of Churches of Kenya and the kenya Episcopal Conference said the education system and curriculum needed to be reviewed to include national values and discipline in students while they are young. The NCCK said, “The solution to the challenges we have experienced in our educational institutions is in a restoration of a wholesome education and the development of a national value system.” The Catholic Church also added in its belief student unrest in schools is a result of a lack of religious influence and value formation. These church bodies want the teaching of Christian religion in all schools and the hiring of chaplains to ensure teachers are getting the right morals across.

The church bodies were uncertain on bringing back the good old days when students could be subjected to corporal punishment which had been abolished by Parliament in 2001. The church groups are upset at recent student riots which they attribute to lack of good morals. One can only assume they mean students are not obeying those in authority.

There is an assumption running through these religious statements that all people in a religion agree on what constitutes morals and values and the right view of issues. The Anglican church is currently divided over issues of gay and female rights. Which side of this conflict will be taught students in school as constituting the “Christian view?” Schools exist to create critical thinking individuals, not to propogate the ideas of a group of men who run churches.

By the way, what is the correct answer to the question: “God’s views concerning obedience to blind authority is..?”