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Kenya Police Brutalize Opposition Demonstrations

Kenyans who were upset at the blatant stealing of the presidential election by President Kibaki tried marching in the cities of their nation only to encounter armed police who not only barred their way, but blasted them with gunfire. It is estimated at least ten are dead and hundreds of others wounded as a resulf of police ation. A team of reporters for the Daily Standard observed demonstrators dispersed with teargas and gunfire in the slums of Nairobi and other areas of Kenya. Police also chased leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement from central lNairobi and surrounded Uhuru Park to bar them for entering. Reporters watched as police sprayed gunfire onto the shacks of slum dwellers as well as throwing teargas into their homes without any regard if there were women and children in the shanties.

The Kenya police delibertately barred reporters from followin their excursions into the slums of Nairobi, but journalists were able to witness protestors hit with gun butts, doors knocked down and teargas sprayed into the faces of those who oppposed the police. The European Union has frozen any further aid to Kenya until the brutality ceases. For once, it would be beneficial if the African Union finally took a stand against oppressive use of force. It has remained silent in the face of the horror of Zimbabwe and, most probably, will not do anything about President Kibaki’ action against his own people. The African Union excuse is always that action against a fellow African nation can never be contemplated. Of course, this invariably means the LEADER of the African nation, not its people.