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Kenya Religious Groups Unite For Peace

Christian and Muslim religious leaders called for the full implementation of the Waki report which investigated the post presidential election dealing with widespread violence mainly caused by the Kenyan government. The Waki report urged prosecution of those who instigated violence in order to close the circle on violence while the Kreigler report urged creation of a new election commission. Catholic bishops said: “we support implementation of those two reports but we have to carefully distinguish between the sins and crimes of an individual and those of a group(or groups) of people.”

After the election there was ongoing chaos as the government refused to accept the will of the Kenyan people. The two groups have now proved conclusively that violence was organized by individuals on both sides,(although mainly on the part of the government) which endeavored to deal with a crisis by use of violence.

Kenya Seeking Peaceful Way To Resolve Election Dispute

There is a lull in the violence which has wracked Kenya since President Kibaki claimed victory in the recent race for the presidency. Members of the Kenya Electoral Commission are considering asking the courts to organize an independent audit of election tallies in order to ascertain if Kibaki was actually the winner. At least two members of the commission already have had their homes burned to the ground in rural areas of the country where violence still has not completely abated. The Kenya constitution allows any citizen to seek judicial review of an issue, but some experts claim it may not be feasible for the Electoral Commission to be the agent seeking a recount. Raila Odinga of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement fears it may be too late to undertake an audit since key documents may have been “doctored.”

The international community is upset and concerned at events that occurred in Kenya. There is little doubt the final tally for the presidential race is not accurate. Most foreign observers like Britain’s Foreign Minister David Miliband are urging mediation. So far, President Kibaki has ruled out an interim coalition government which is desired by the ODM opposition and insists only the courts can over rule election results. But, is that possible if key documents have already been altered?