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Witches Of Kenya: Mob Rule Runs Amok

A fear of witches as the cause of local problems led a rampaging mob in west Kenya ona house by house search of women suspected of being witches. the mob of about 100 entred houses where they accused a woman of being a witch, tied her up, and then set them ablaze. Mwangi Nguny, head of Nyamaiya district, estimated about 100 homes were torched and 15 women burned to death. The region, populated mainly by the Kisli tribe, has long been regarded as a hotbed of belief in sorcery and withcraft. In the 1990s, dozens of women suspcted of being witches were burned in this region.

A particular object of hate and fear is any albino, they are usually killed and then parts taken for good luck. Enoch Obiero, a pastor saw his mother killed by the mob. “I cannot believe my wife of many years would be killed so brutally by people who cannot prove their case before God.”

Echoes of the past linger in the fears and anxieties of modern humans. We still allow our fears of the unknown as the weapon to inflict pain on others.