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John Kerry Warns About Somalia

Senator John Kerry, incoming chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned about taking military action in Somalia in response to the pirate activity which originates from that nation. “if you’ve just got one patrol boat and it chases in and people go ashore without enough firepower, without knowing what they’re up against, you can get into a lot of trouble.” The senator raises valid points, but he ignores the role played by President George Bush in creasing the current unstable situation in Somalia. Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade and take over Somalia in order to crush a fundamentalist Islamic government. It was that invasion which helped encourage the growth in pirate activity.

Sorry, Senator Kerry, the United States IS involved in Somalia and it is time we acknowledged our role in creating the current chaos. We can acknowledge that American planes and ships assisted Ethiopian forces during their invasion. First, accept responsibility, and then work to assist an Islamic government to restore law and order.

Are US Drone Strikes Effective?

A lesson of the Vietnam war that apparently has still not been learned by the United States military is using air power to deal with guerrilla movements is an ineffective strategy that only does the reverse– encourages people who are being bombed to shift support to insurgents. Senator John Kerry, newly appointed head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee met with Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and among topics discussed was the effectiveness of drone strikes. The Pakistan leader insisted drone attacks were counter-productive and only resulted growing anger since so many air strikes result in death to civilians as well as the targeted insurgents. Kerry promised to review the entire drone program in the coming year.

Senator Kerry urged Gilani to cooperate with Indian authorities in uncovering who was behind the Mumbai attack. He also promised additional aid to improve police forces in Pakistan. It is time to recognize insurgents are defeated on the ground through a combination of political, economic, and military forces.

Two Views On Rush Limbaugh

The October 12, 2007 issue of Stars & Stripes had several letters dealing with comments by Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. We print two opposing views:
“In response to the opinions voiced in the October 8 letters to the editor reference to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, I disagree with the writers and hope that Armed Forces Network would continue to air their programs. When taken in full context, it has been clearly shown that Limbaugh did not disrespect the military with his remarks. Coulter’s writing style is full of hyperbole and needs to be read with that in mind. She is opinionated, but factual. To call her a liar is libelous. .Until more entertaining politically conservative pundits can be found, keep Limbaugh and Coulter, please.”
Chaplain (Col) James Hoke, Stuttgart, Germany

“I served honorably for 20 years in the U.S. military, but today I oppose the war in Iraq. I assume Limbaugh will call me a “phony veteran.” Considering the source, a man who has the gall to defame those who served while he never served a single day in the military (allegedly because of a boil), I would wear such an accusation as a badge of honor.”
Maj. Donan de Wind (ret) Austin, Texas

I can think of many things Ann Coulter is full of besides hyperbole, but being in polite company I will not make such a libelous comment. Why is it that super patriots anxious for war like Limbaugh, Coulter, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, etc… never served their country in the military? Why is it that people like Limbaugh and Coulter will defame men who served like John Kerry or former Senator Clelland who lost both arms and legs in Vietnam, but get upset if someone makes a critical remark about Bush?