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Is George Bush Really That Dumb?

The Republican Party, which in past years, had intellectuals such as Henry Kissinger or Theodore Roosevelt, has been transformed into the party of Sarah Palin and George Bush. Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent, not a country, and George Bush who is president of the most important nation in the world, does not know what the G20 is. Apparently, on October 20, Australian Prime Minister Keven Rudd was talking with President Bush and suggested to ensure the widest possible response, large Asian nations should be invited to a world economic conference, and mentioned, the G20. Bush allegedly responded: “What’s the G20?”

Someone leaked the conversation and now it has become a public relations fiasco for Rudd who is being accused of leaking private conversations with world leaders. Rudd denies Bush ever made the remark and Bush insists he knows how to count to 20 so why is everyone unhappy?

Kevin Rudd Proposes Asian Version Of European Union

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia raised an interesting and far reaching proposal by calling for nations of Asia and the Pacific to envision their own version of the European Union. He noted how the EU has enabled nations that formerly were enemies to come together in friendship and cooperation. “I believe it is time we started to think about
where we want to be with our regional architecture in 2020. We need to have a vision for an Asian-Pacific community.” Rudd noted that by 2020, Asian and Pacific nations would have 4.6 billon of the Earth’s 7.7 billion people.

Russ emphasized there were revolutionary changes occurring in the region, particularly with the economic, political and military rise of India, China and Japan. Rudd thought terrorism would continue being a problem for years and it was best handled as part of a regional approach.

In his vision of a Pacific-Asian community, the Australian prime minister included the United States. Rudd hopes a planning group can begin the process of exploring his idea.

Australian PM Charges Predecessor With Iraq Blunders

Australia’s recently elec ted prime minister, Keven Rudd, ripped into his predecessor for misleading the nation regarding the threat of Iraq to world peace. He accused John Howard of deliberately placing Australian troops at risk for listening to the words of President George Bush that WMD existed in Iraq. Rudd asked some basic questions. “Hav further terrorist attacks been preventred? No, they have not been. Has any evidence of a link between WMD and the former Iraqi regime and terrorists been found? No. Have the actions of rogue states like Iraq been moderatd? No. After five years has the humanitarian crisis in Iraq been removed. No, it has not.”

Whe House spokesperson Dana Perino, once again argued that “no one else in the world, no other government had different information and so we acted based on what was the threat that was presented to us.” The Bush administration still functions on the belief if one repeats endlessly the same idea, it eventually will be accepted as the truth. Has George Bush forgotten the UN in 2003 urged they been given additional time to check out the so-called WMD because they had yet to find evidence any such weapons existed?

Kevin Rudd: A New 21st Century Trend?

Kevin Rudd became Australia’s prime minister a scant three months ago, but he already has set in motions new policies which have shaken the nation and fortell the arrival of a brand of new politics in the world. According to a survey published yeterday, nearly 70% of voters approve what is happening in their country. There is a new mood in the nation, a sense of regneration and change, a feeling of a rebirth in the offering which will allow Australians to become 21st century citizens rather than slumber in past politics. Some say the discarded poltics of former Prime Minister John Howard made them feel ashamed of their nation.,

Within 10 days after assuming office, Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol on global warming leaving the Bush administration as the last industralized nation still opposed to global warming. A week ago Rudd made his famous apology to Aboriginal people for past discrimination, an act approved by 69% of Australians. He appointed a woman of Asian background who is gay to serve in his Cabinet. Rudd is planning to hold “community Cabinet meetings” around the country in order to involve ordinary citizens in public discussion with the government concerning policies. He will hold an April summit meeting of 1,000 of Australia’s “best and brightest thinkers” in order to map out new directions for the nation.

Barack Obama in the United States might benefit from this Australian change since it might reflect a global shift in thinking. Has the new century sparked planetary changes in which humans are seeking new answers not merely to old issues, but new directions for the new century?

Australian PM Rudd First Act-Ratify Kyoto Pact

Newly elected Prime Minister Keven Rudd decided to make a powerful statement on the issue of global warming by signing the Kyoto Pact. “This is the first official act of the new Australian government, demonstrating my government’s commitment to tackling climate change,” he said. Rudd pledged to take actions within Australia in order to deal with environmental concerns as well as cooperating with other nations of the world. His administration initially has a 20% reduction goal to be achieved by 2020.

Kevin Rudd intends to demonstrate a new Australian independence from his predecessor’s close affinity towards George Bush. First, Rudd has taken a bold step in quickly moving on the issue of climate change, hopefully, his next move will be to withdraw Australian troops from the fiasco in Iraq.

Bush Beware–Your Austalian Friend Got Whipped!

President George Bush may be upset today because his close friend and ally, Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, went down to a crushing and humiliating defeat in the Australian election. A major issue of the campaign was a promise by the incoming prime minister, Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party, that he was opposed to Australian participation in the Iraq war. Election results indicate the Labor Party and its Green allies will capture at least 86 out of 150 seats in parliament and the total may even go higher. Prime Minister John Howard stands a chance of losing his own seat as voters expressed their indignation at the current leadership of their nation.

Let us hope the people of Australia have shown the American people what to do next fall. Perhaps, the defeat might even impact current Republican presidential candidates to reconsider their views on the Iraq war.