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Exclusive! Are Sarah Palin And George Bush Secret Russian Spies??

Based on authoritative sources within my mind, I am now able to identify several key Russian operatives who have been secretly worming their way into policy making circles of the United States in order to destroy our nation. Russian spies seek to weaken the economic and military capacity of the United States. They seek to create disharmony and conflict within the country. They seek to foster instability and turn Americans against one another. Figure it out. Who has been working to accomplish those goals more than any other institution or person in this nation?

The answer is clear– George Bush and Sarah Palin!!

George Bush inherited a budget showing a surplus and a national debt of about $5 trillion. When he left the budget had a deficit of over $800 billion and out national debt was $10 trillion.
George Bush pushed the US into two wars that have cost over a trillion dollars and created disharmony in the nation.
George Bush ignored the Constitution and set this nation along the road to losing its liberties.
George Bush appointed men to the Supreme Court who are lackeys for Big Business.

Sarah Palin and her Communist Front Tea Party set American against American.
Sarah Palin’s economic ideas make absolutely no sense in the 21st century.
Sarah Palin has dumbed down politics in America to the lowest level.
Sarah Plain has persuaded millions of Americans that electing morons is the goal of our democracy.

Laura Bush is a wonderful lady, but could someone explain how she knows Russian words?
Tea Party ideas, if implemented, would lead to an economic collapse of this nation.

Face reality– if you were head of the Russian KGB who would you like as leaders of America?