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Khamenei Expresses Anger And Defiance

It was New Year’s day in Tehran but Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had nothing new to add to comments concerning his nation’s relations with the United States. President Obama had sent a message expressing the desire for normal relations with Iran, but his comment about the heroic efforts of human rights activists did not receive a warm welcome in the heart of a man who actually believes he speaks with God. He angrily responded, “You take the side of rioters and call it a civil movement. Are you not ashamed? You are in no position to speak of human rights. Did you reduce the killings in Iraq and Afghanistan?” Essentially, his argument is that opponents of his government are enemies of the state and must be crushed. Therefore, anyone who even employs words such as, “human rights” in referring to these brave people is in league with the Devil himself.

Obama grew tired of speaking to a wall of hate and appealed to the people of Iran. Reality is the impossibility of having any normal relations with a government that inhabits a fantasy world in which they alone are right and all others are evil.

Iranian Opposition Leader’s Wife Blasts Khamenei

The wife of a major opposition leader accused Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of allowing violence to be directed against citizens of his own country. Fatemeh Karroubi told him in a letter that her son was beaten inside a mosque while praying by members of the hard line security forces who continually resort to violence when confronting protestors. “They beat him up and insulted him along with the other people arrested. This happened in the house of God.” She was furious at the resort to violence by leaders of her own nation. After her son was seized in a mosque, he was taken to a security base where further punishment was inflicted and sent away with a warning that next time “his family would receive his corpse.”

Mrs. Korrubi asked the Supreme Leader to help Iranians and halt violence against them. But, how can violence end when the so-called Supreme Leader is the director of the brutality?

We Moharebs Join Our Iranian Brothers And Sisters!

I confess, I am a mohareb(enemy of God) because if those who claim to represent God in the current situation in Iran have any support from the Almighty, it would be mighty hard to continue believing in the Supreme Being. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who supposedly is a religious leader of his nation, warned those who oppose the Iranian government they are now considered “enemies of God” and they deserve to be executed. Naturally, they would be executed by friends of God who believe expressing love of other humans is a punishable offense. Many members of the opposition including defeated presidential candidate, Mehdi Karroubi were warned to stay off the streets and the government made clear it could not guarantee the safety of any opponent who left his house.

Mohamadreza, head of the thug group known as the Basiji termed those on the streets to be “traitors” and we all know what happens to someone who is a traitor. He made clear that “designers of the unrest will soon pay the cost of their insolence.” To top off the stupidity of Iranian leaders, its foreign minister, Mottaki told the British government if it does not halt its organization of protests in his nation it “will receive a punch on the mouth.”

The Iranian government has lost control of the situation and become desperate fearing riots will escalate into violence against the government. They are all too familiar with the incidents that led to the overthrow of the Shah. Unfortunately, those who believe in the people of Iran realize there is not much we can do other than write of our support.

Khamenei Backs Off –Slightly?

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei once again sent mixed signals concerning what he supports in his nation. He warned those opposing reform and supporting the Ahmadinejad government to avoid making false accusations against their opponents. “We do not have a right to oppose without proof” he told the nation. He emphasized that accusing people in the media was not in accordance with law and should be avoided. Khamenei is attempting to cast himself as apart from those who support President Ahmadinejad and are willing to use violence to crush all who oppose their president’s behavior.

The good news is that Khamenei is urging restraint against political opponents. The bad news is his refusal to admit that Ahmadinejad has violated the law by abusing prisoners. Until he is willing to make such statements, reformers will not have much respect for him.


The following events will never happen.

Republican leaders will focus on solving the health issues of America.

The Chicago Cubs will win the world series.

Obama will turn white skinned and return America to the land it used to be–run by white men.

Rush Limbaugh will express an intelligent idea.

The NRA will accept reasonable limitations on gun use.

Dick Cheney will admit he made a mistake.

American and NATO troops will leave Afghanistan.

Israel leaders will respect the rights of Palestinians.

Ayatollah Khamenei will espouse Muslim beliefs about tolerance and peace.

People will sit down at a bagel shop without first wiping the table with a napkin.

Quiet Turmoil In Iran Confuses Picture

Right wing American pundits insist the United States should take an active interest in fostering change in Iran. However, latest reports from that nation indicate there is quiet turmoil within the Iranian hierarchy as groups vie for power and it is best allowing them to sort out the future of their country. Newly appointed judiciary chief, Ayatollah Sadeq Larligani fired the hardline prosecutor who is responsible for current trials against those who protested recent election results. He also formed a “supervisory board” to investigate post-election events including violation of the rights of those who were imprisoned.

This suggests Ayatollah Khamenei is attempting to reach out to both conservative and moderate members of the clergy to make clear he wants to serve as a bridge between conservatives and moderates. The conflict is in no way linked to any effort to end the current clerical Iranian nation, but to make clear to all Iranians that Khamenei stands above petty self interest.

No one knows the end result of the current conflict within Iran. It is best to move away and allow Iranians to deal with their own issues.

Open Defiance Toward Ayatollah Khamenei

For the first time in the history of the Iranian cleric government a prominent cleric called for the ouster of Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.A group of former reformist lawmakers appealed to the Assembly of Experts to investigate the qualifications of Khamenei as to whether he still remains qualified to be in charge of Iran. The letter breaks a taboo among Iran’s political leaders of avoiding any criticism or challenge to the rule of Khamenei. The letter terms current trials a “Stalinesque court” and claims those arrested were tortured and abused by jailers. The former lawmakers “demand a legal probe on the basis of Article 111 of the Constitution which is a responsibility of the Experts Assembly. It noted that if the supreme leader “becomes incapable of fulfilling his constitutional duties” he should be dismissed.

Reports from reformer members of parliament charge while young men and women were in jail they were raped and forced to crawl while naked on the floor while being ridden by jailers. Naturally, those in power are gathering together to deny charges and there are rumblings of new arrests of clerics who oppose Khamenei and election results. All signs indicate the current leadership will win a first round and refuse to allow any investigations, but the entire episode has created a huge gap between educated youth and rulers of the nation.

Ahmadinejad Is Man In The Middle

When President Ahmadinejad turns to the left the sight of demonstrating thousands greets his gaze, when he turns to the right, faces of bearded angry clerics shouting in his direction compel attention to their demands. He is now caught in cross-fire from liberal reformers and hard-line clerics who disagree with his economic policies as well as his choices for the Cabinet. Right wing cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told the president, “before naming individuals for ministries, the government and parliament must co-ordinate.” In other words, check with us before you select anyone. Most probably as he is inaugurated for a second term, there will be demonstrations all over Iran by liberal reformers who want a democratic Iran in which the voice of the people is respected.

Ahmadinejad in the past few weeks even received criticism from the Supreme Ayatollah who is also chief man in the Iranian nation. Ahmadinejad denied there was a rift between Ayatollah Khamenei and himself. “What they do not understand is that the relationship between us and the Supreme Leader goes beyond politics and administration. It is based on kindness, on ideology, it is like that of a father and son.”

Perhaps, attacks on his competency have made Ahmadinejad, at least for the present, abandon any thoughts of using the army to usurp power from the clergy.

Ahmadinejad Has More Troubles!

It is never difficult overestimating the incompetence of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but his latest escapade must rank among his most fascinating efforts to antagonize just about every political group in his nation. His choice for first vice president, Esfandiar Rahim Mashie, was forced to resign from the position after conservative members of parliament as well as clerics blasted the appointment of a man who made the outrageous statement that Iran is a “friend of the Israeli people.” Of course, he never said, “Israel government,” but the thought of someone in a leadership position within Iran who believes it is possible to be friends with Israelis was a bit too much for Iranian hardliners. In the space of a month Ahmadinejad has aroused the fury of moderate and hard line clerics, an accomplishment few could achieve in such a brief period of time.

The strong reaction suggests while many conservatives supported Ahmadinejad for the presidency over Mousavi, they still regard the president as incompetent and will exert pressure to force his acceptance of their economic agenda. Even worse for Ahmadinejad, his ally and boss, Ayatollah Khamenei, also blasted the appointment and urged the president to appoint someone else.

The ides of July do not reveal omens of peace and success for a president who is disliked by most of the population.

Mousavi Stirs Pot Of Dissent In Iran

Forces of opposition to the government of President Ahmadinejad refuse to go away in quiet, but continue demonstrating and organizing in ways that have not been seen for years in Iran. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is planning to unveil a new political group which will continue the protest campaign until either they are forcibly shut down or changes made in the electoral process. According to Mousavi aide, Alireza Beheshti, “the establishment of this front is on Mir Hossein Mousavi’s agenda and we will soon announce its establishment.” The group most probably will focus on defending the rights of citizens to speak and protest against what millions believe was a stolen election. Ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was quotes as saying in a newspaper article that “the elite and academics voted for Mousavi and they can help Mousavi in establishing such a front.”

One wonders if Aytatollah Khamenei and Ahmadindejad misread the situation in the country. They probably did not forsee that Mousavi and hundreds of thousands would take to the streets and refuse to cease expressing their ideas. Mousavi continues to visit the families of those who died which undoubtedly keeps his name in the public eye and links him to those who have grown weary of Ahmadinejad.

Failure on the part of the government to arrest Mousavi weeks ago suggests there is debate within government and clerical circles on how to proceed.