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Did Musharraf Approve Nuclear Sales To North Korea?

Abdul Oadeer Khan, the master mind behind nuclear development in Pakistan told the AP in a telephone interview that President Musharraf was involved in the sale of used centrifuges to North Korea in 2000. Many experts for years have doubted Khan alone could have masterminded and carried through alone an operation requiring extensive cooperation from Pakistan security forces. He claims Musharraf had “complete knowledge of the shipment. “It was a North Korean plane and he(Musharraf) had complete knowledge about it and thee equipment.”

The use of planes and the complexity in getting the centrifuges onto them suggests some involvement of Pakistan security personnel in the sale of the equipment to North Korea. It was the same Pakistan Intelligence forces who created the Taliban and aided their initial conquest of Afghanistan. Musharraf is now placed in an awkward position given his constant cries his country must cooperate with the United States.