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Khat Can’t Help But Hurting People

Khat is a favorite drug for men living in societies in the Horn of Africa and it is common for them to take off a few hours each day in order to retreat to a coffee shop or home, inhale the drug and go quietly into a dream existence. As thousands of Somalis enter Sweden in search of refuge from the wars and violence of their homeland, they are bringing khat along with them into the European world. The Netherlands and Great Britain allow the use of khat but Sweden has declared it an illegal drug since the 1980s. There is growing concern in Sweden because of growing evidence Somali females have to assume an ever increasing burden of the work load while their husband is mentally elsewhere.

We inhabit a world in which one or another drug impacts the lives of people in negative ways. Purchasing khat is ordinarily not a problem for Somali men, but its impact on work attitudes makes it difficult for women to continue handling the family work load.

Don’t you wish we could find a drug that is inexpensive and has no negative side effects?