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Kenya Violence Continues Over Stolen Election

Violence rages through the streets of Kenya as infuriated people demonstrate against President Kibak’s blatant stealing of an election. The votes were against him, but the president simply made certain vote counts were doctored to ensure his victory. Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s supporters marched through the streets chanting “No Surrender Without Agwamboi”(Kiswahill word for warrior). Hundreds of police and members of the armed forces with guns drawn fired into crowds and latest estimates are that at least a hundred at dead and scores of others wounded. The million person slum of Kibera witnessed troops firing at its inhabitants and fires have now broken out as thousands try to get out of the inferno only to be blocked by military and police forces.

Raila Odinga’s Orange Democracy Movement took its name from the successful Ukrainian challenge to authoritarianism. His party now controls three times the number of seats in Parliament as does the president’s party. For some strange reason, people voted for the opposition party, but then voted for the president. EU observers reported numerous incidents of vote fraud. The people of Kenya hope the international community will comes to its assistance, but President Bush has already announced American support for the vote-stealing President Kibaki. Just another example of the reality of Bush comments regarding the need for democracy. In a Bush democracy, people vote for those whom Bush classifies as “good” and voting against his people is simply an indication that people don’t believe in democracy.

We wait for comments from Democratic party candidates about this blatant abuse of democracy in Africa.

America’s Shame-State Department Congragulates Kibaki!!

As thousands of outraged Kenyans marched in protest against the blatant action by President Kibaki to steal an election, US State Department spokesperson, Robert Mcinturff, announced the Bush administration reaction to the theft: “The United States congratulates the winners.” Apparently, for President Bush democracy is equated with another government’s willingness to go along with his foreign policy of fighting terrorism. President Kibaki was a loyal supporter of Bush policies and therefore he must receive support, even though he stole an election. Over 100 Kenyans are dead, bodies in the morgue reveal multiple wounds since police have orders to shoot on sight. The police refused to allow supporters of Raila Odinga– who actually won the election — to leave the slum area of Kibera and fired on those seeking to conduct a mock swearing in ceremony for Odinga.

The Bush administration continues to claim it supports “democracy.” The brave people of Kenya went to the polls and voted for a democratic government. They voted out at least 20 ministers of the current Kibaki government, but the evidence was ignored. EU observers in one district noted the Kibaki count they saw was 25,000 less than the figure quoted by the Election Commission. In the war against terror, the victims invariably are those who stand up for democracy.

Will any of the current Democratic candidates speak up for the people of Kenya and blast the Bush administration?