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Kenya Moves Towards Peace Settlement

Former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, apparently has been able to get both political parties engaged in a dispute over the recent presidential elections, to come togther in a spirit of problem solving. President Kibaki and the opposition Orange Democratic Movement, have agreed there must be a negotiated settlement. Annan said: “We all agreed that a political settlement is neceessary.” There is some talk, Raila Odinga of the ODM, will be given a role in the government, but these details have yet to be completely resolved. As Annan noted: “These things always begin with intransigence. They will have to shift.” The obvious major issue is how much power will President Kibaki agree to share. He already has backed down from telling the ODM to take their complaints to a court.

There is increasing evidence Kibaki’s blatant vote stealing was used as a pretext by tribal groups to deal with old grievances that date back to colonial and post colonial events. Over a 1000 people are dead and 350,000 displaced. A political settlement is merely the first step in confronting issues that have been placed on the backburner of history for far too long.

Kenya Peace Plan Proceeds-Everyone Hopes!

Weeks of violence and disorder have wracked the nation of Kenya after its president, Kibaki, manipulated election results in order to claim he was re-elected. Mediator Kofi Annan said talks have “reached far” and was optimistic there would be a resolution of the growing civil war in order to end bloodshed. William Ruto, of the Opposition Orange Democratic Movement said, “we have finally agreed there is a problem in the country, and neither side can proceed on it own. We have agreed to form a joint government.” Raila Odinga, ODM leader, made it clear his party wanted a resolution of the problem and was now agreeing o cease insisting President Kibaki step down.

The sad aspect of their entire story is the blatant power grap on th part of Pesident Kibaki even though it meant hundreds would die.

Kenya Political Leader Urges UN Intervention

Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement urged outside intervention in order to end the chaos created by the nation’s president who stole an election through means of vote fraud. Odinga claims both the army and the police are no longer able to serve as objective enforcers of law. “The Kenya Army personnel are not neutral. They serve Kibaki’s interests and are not fit to be used to restore peace.” Under UN provisions, troops can be deployed in cases of civil war or when local military forces are unable to ensure law and order. Odinga was particularly upset at police failures since he claims their minds are “poisoned” and they are unable to deal with the unrest that has resulted in over 300,000 people being left homeless.

It is quite clear President Kibaki has lost the confidence of a significant portion of his own country, if not the world. The African Union apparently will not act in Kenya anymore than it made moves to assist the people of Zimbabwe in their current crisis where President Mugabe has also manipulated vote counts. The UN is probably the best alternative at this point in time.

Kibai Tries Sabotaging Kenya Talks

Raila Odinga, head of the ODM, reiterated his party’s commitment to dialogue with President Kibai who was accused of attempting to derail mediation talks by making “aggressive” statements. Raila said Kibaki was subverting mediation talks by insisting the electoral dispute could be resolved through local courts and that his election was not subject to any further discussion. Odinga said “We in ODM are committed to the success of negotiations and are doing everything in our power to ensure the ground is stable for this to happen. Kibaki must als aproach mediation in good faith.” Trade union leaders have warned Kibaki they are prepared to organize workers in mass protests unless he honestly engages in meaningful dialogue.

Kibaki told members of the African Union that ODM was to blame for the violence in the country and that this was premeditated.” How could the ODM forsee Kibaki would manipulate vote counts to ensure his re-election? The only premeditation was on the part of Kibaki.

Another MP Killed In Kenya- Chaos Continues

Another member of the Kenya parliament was killed when a policeman shot David Kimtai of the Orange Democratic Movement. Kofi Annan, former head of the United Nations is trying to get all parties to sit, discuss, and come up with a compromise solution that will end violence which has engulfed a nation that up to this point had escaped such tribal conflicts. Military helicopters have been ordered to shoot and kill any gangs that are engaged in violence or setting up road blocks. They have identified four categories of people who will be shot on sight if they engage in criminal actions–those looting property, those burning houses, or those carrying weapons or trying to barricade roads to prevent free movement of people and goods.

President Kibaki continues insisting he won the election that most observers believe was a fraudulent process in which Kibaki doctored vote totals. More than 800 people are dead and thousands forced into temporary refugee camps. For example, at the Naivasha GK Prison, moe than 5,000 people are seeking safety and although there are no avaialbe restrooms or clean water more people arrive by the hour. History will note this was not the finest hour of President Kibaki on whose head lies the death of hundreds of people.

Key Kenya Issues Outlined By Kofi Annan

Former UN chief, Kofi Annan, listed four key issues that were central to restoring peace in Kenya. First, is an immediate halt to violence and the restoration of fundamental rights and liberties. Second, is promotion of reconciliation between tribes presently engaged in brutal action against one another. Third, resolve the current political crisis that began when President Kibai literally stole the election. Fourth, investigation of long term issues that will prevent future outbreaks of such virulent hatred between tribal groups in Kenya. Annan titled his proposals: “Suggested Agenda for the National Dialogue on the Resolution of the Political Crisis in Kenya.” ODM leader, Raila Odinga asked for the word “mediation” to be substituted for “dialogue.” It is expected that Annan would chair mediation procedures but will be assisted by other leading African figures like the former president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa and by Ms. Graca Machel.

President Kibaki is currently attending a meeting of the African Union and apparently acted as though there were no problems in his nation. Fortunately, the South African delegation insisted on discussing the current situation. Kibaki insists there are some internal problems but they will be resolved. Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula told AU delegates, “We can handle the situation and have enough internal capacities to solve the problem. There is no need for external support.”

President Kibaki fears outside support because it will make public his efforts to subvert a free election by doctoring vote counts. No wonder, he wants to “handle the situation.”

Kenya’s Human Tragedy Continues

A human tragedy continues unfolding in Kenya that was brought on by President Kibaki’s blaltant stealing of the last election. According to Kenya’s Standard newspaper, “most parts of the country were on the verge of paralysis last night as another 32 people were killed in a new wave of bloodletting.” There are signs the entire nation is grinding to a halt as violence between tribal groups acclerates rather than declines. Fighting between tribal members has opened the door for thugs and criminals to use this cover in order to kill, rape, and steal. Two German tourists were killed and robbed by criminals. Kenya’s Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya, has up to this point expressed some guarded optimism, but even he now admits the economy is headed for a major collapse unless the death and destruction can be halted. He noted damage done to tourism, a major source of revenue, will take months, if not years to reapair.

Trains, trucks and movement of goods has been slowed. Even neighboring nations are impacted since Kenya is the source of about 40% of the Sudan’s supplies. City after city is witnessing people begin by protesting and wind up with looting and killing. The police and army appear unable to halt the devastation of this unleashed fury which up to this point in Kenya’s history has never emerged. As chaos reigns in his nation, the only major concern of President Kibai is holding on to his position.

Election Fraud=Blood, Hate, Violence In Kenya

President Kibaki stole an election by manipulating vote counts. Undoubtedly, he assumed opposition parties would scream but eventually allow his actions to be accepted. Unfortunately, his theft has resulted in an outburst of tribal anger as opponents and defenders of his theft clash over a dispute that has escalated from anger over a vote count to unleashing of dromant tribal fears. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been desperately attempting to persuade Kibaki and Raila Odinga to come together for the greater good of all Kenyans even if it means temporarily suspending their own goals. Annan made a trip around the country meeting people who were beaten and driven from their homes by bands of armed youth. Thousands are now displaced because they fear returning to homes located in areas where there are rivel tribal groups.

Kofi Annan captured the essence of what is happening today in Kenya when he said, “The crisis has mutated from an electoral dispute into much deeper probelms with a high potential for recurrence.” Is this what Kibaki wants for his nation? Is he willing to sacrifice his lust for power over the aspirations and needs of millions of people? The future only knows the answer to those questions.

Ken-Ya Have Peace In Kenya?

President Kibaki and his biter rival Raila Odinga finally met face-to-face for the first time since their nation was torn apart by anger arising from the blatant stealing of election by the president. What looked unthinkable just last week dramatically changed when both men smiled for the press and shook hands. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, brought them together and both emerged prepared to express sentiments of reconciliation. Raila told reporters, “I said in the past that I am always ready to walk the extra mile for the sake of this nation. My party and I are prepaed to take thi long journey.” He asked Kenyans to be patient and stated inKiswahili: Wananchi tumefika hapa kew sababu ya sida kuwas inayokumba nchi yetu–“We have come here today because of the grave problems bedeviling our country.”

Kibaki once again argued during the conciliation talks he was the duly elected president even though a British newspaper, The Independent, this week printed a devastating investigation which proved he had doctored electoral results. The central issue in restoring peace is whether Kibaki is prepared to either organize, for the short term, a coalition government or whether he is ready for new election.

Kenya Police Brutalize Opposition Demonstrations

Kenyans who were upset at the blatant stealing of the presidential election by President Kibaki tried marching in the cities of their nation only to encounter armed police who not only barred their way, but blasted them with gunfire. It is estimated at least ten are dead and hundreds of others wounded as a resulf of police ation. A team of reporters for the Daily Standard observed demonstrators dispersed with teargas and gunfire in the slums of Nairobi and other areas of Kenya. Police also chased leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement from central lNairobi and surrounded Uhuru Park to bar them for entering. Reporters watched as police sprayed gunfire onto the shacks of slum dwellers as well as throwing teargas into their homes without any regard if there were women and children in the shanties.

The Kenya police delibertately barred reporters from followin their excursions into the slums of Nairobi, but journalists were able to witness protestors hit with gun butts, doors knocked down and teargas sprayed into the faces of those who oppposed the police. The European Union has frozen any further aid to Kenya until the brutality ceases. For once, it would be beneficial if the African Union finally took a stand against oppressive use of force. It has remained silent in the face of the horror of Zimbabwe and, most probably, will not do anything about President Kibaki’ action against his own people. The African Union excuse is always that action against a fellow African nation can never be contemplated. Of course, this invariably means the LEADER of the African nation, not its people.