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Kenyan Impasse Continues-Theater Of Absurd

The political impasse created in Kenya by the blatant election fraud of President Kibaki is still unresolved. Raila Odinga, who apparently won the election, only to have voting figures undergo dramatic changes in order to allow Kibaki to claim he was re-elected, is insisting he will not compromise on the basic principle that there is need for a new election. “It is hard to negotiate with somone you know very well stole a cow from you.” At a church gathering the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement expressed thanks to the audience for electing him president of Kenya even though someone else as this moment is holding that position. The European Union made it clear to President Kibaki the present situation must be resolved in a manner that “reflects the will of the Kenyan people” and there were hints of sanctions unless he is willing to negotiate in good faith.

Raila Odinga expressed the situation most dramatically when he noted that Samuel Kivultu, chair of the Election Commission had quickly declared Kibaki the winner and subsequently expressed the view he really did not know who actually was the winner. Odinga noted this could only occur in a theater of the absurd.

Kenya Impasse Continues As Kibaki Dodges Peace

Joh Kufor, Presdent of Ghana, flew out of Kenya after failing to persuade President Kibaki to engage in meaningful negotiations with opposition leaders. There is no doubt vote manipulation was common in the past election and no time was allowed between the final vote tallies and the hurried installation of Kibaki as president to ensure vote tallies were accurate. The Orange Democratic Movement has promised to organize countrywide demonstrations against Kibaki’s illegal government. Former UN head, Kofi Annan, also from Ghana is organizing a delegation of prominent African leaders to serve as a force for mediation.

Kibaki is digging in his heels because he knows the vote is a fraud. Over twenty of his own ministers lost their seats in parliament, but he continuals to insist his vote count was accurate. His only offer is some type of “dialogue” but for which purposes, he alone knows. It may well be necessary to impose sanctions and force Kibaki to accept mediatioin from fellow African leaders.

It would be wonderful if African leaders displayed as much interest in democracy in Zimbabwe where Mugabe makes Kibaki come across as a leader of democracy.

Kenya’s Cup Of Bitter Tea As Mediation Collapses

International mediation efforts to resolve the electoral fiasco in Kenya that was caused when President Kibaki blatantly stole the election have collapsed. Ghana’s Presdidnet John Kuffour left the nation after being unable to secure cooperation from Kibaki to end the impasse and work toward peace. A government spokesperson for Kibaki said President Kuffour had merely come in order to have a cup of tea with their leader. The opposition Orange Democratic Movement had offered several compromises but all were declined by Kibaki. Despite international suggestions he invite members of ODM to serve in an interim cabinet, the head of Kenya insisted only his loyal supporters would be given places in the cabinet.

Samuel Kiviuti, head of the Electoral Commission admited there was evidence of fraud. In one example, h original vote from the Juja area indicated a vote tally of 48,293 for Kibaki and that was the figure ready to be sent in, but somehow the figure was altered to indicate a vote of 100,390 for the president even though no name appeared as signing the new document. The only people suffering are the people of Kenya.

1,000 Dead In Kenya Violence

At least 1,000 Kenyans are dead in the violence which has torn apart the once peaceful democracy. Opposition leader Raila Odinga called off nationwide protests by supporters in order to create a “peaceful atmosphere” for the talks he will be having with President Kibaki. It is estimated about 250,000 people have been forced to flee to escape angry mobs as tribal identities led to attacks on rival groups. Much of tribal violence is directed toward members of Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe. The US State Department reiterated its strong support for the Kenyan government despite the violence which has shaken the nation due to the blatant attempt by President Kibaki to steal the election.

Even as Washington continues backing Kibaki, the Law Society of Kneya accused electoral officials of “dishonesty and ineptitude” and called Kibaki’s swearing in-ceremony “null and void.” The world waits for leadership and few eyes are gazing westward to the United States.

President Kibaki Twists And Dodges From Facing Election Truth

As Raila Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa, President Kibaki of Kenya dug in his heels and insisted the election was fair and he was legally elected. Odinga discussed with Tutu the possibility of some form of mediation that might extricate his nation from the violence which has cost the lives of over 300 people. Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have both suggested various names like former UN Secretary Koffi Annan or President John Kufor of Ghana. Odinga has indicated a willingness to accept either of these names, but, so far it is far from clear if President Kibaki will even entertain the notion of any review of election results. He ruled out the idea of a transitional government and told his opponents to “follow the law” and cease their complaints. His only concession is a willingness to have discussions with “concerned parties” when things have become quiet.

Kenya’s Attorney General Amos Wako raised two possibilities for resolution of the conflict. One entailed creation of a National Unity Government and the other would ask an independent body to review election results. It appears that President Kibaki interprets mediation to mean having outside parties calm down his opponents, but he does not appear to regard having any role in reviewing what transpired in the blatant effort on his part to steal an election. As of the moment, he has not arranged any meeting with Tutu anymore than with those who oppose his arbitrary actions.

Fires Of Hate And Anger Smolder In Kenya Slums

Alex Ndegwa, of the East African Standard, wandered through the slums of Nairobi where people huddled in their shanties, fearing to leave and face the prospect of being hacked to pieces by those belonging to another tribal group. Kenya has collapsed in a blood bath of anger and confusion, all caused by President Kibaki’s grab for power. Smoke from the shanties billows into clear skies, but Kibaki refuses to leave the presidential mansion and pretends that all is well if only parliament would get back to the business of passing legislation. Gunfire echoes on the streets, mobs emerge, police converge on them, there is fighting, shots, and the mob disappears in the distance while slum dwellers huddle in fear. Mama Chege asked Ndegwa, why is this all happening, she cast her vote, but now votes no longer appear to be of importance due to the fraud perpetrated by the Kibaki government. In the meantime, over 300 are dead, including many children.

Raila Odinga, the defeated leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, has made a sensible suggestion. Establish an interim government which would have three months to calm things down and then hold a new election that would be supervised by outside forces. He even offered to meet and discuss the plan with President Kibaki, but, as of this point, has not received a response. Kibaki refuses to recognize that he is the author of the problem and the solution lies in having a fair and democratic election.

Kenya Election A Fraud Claims Election Official!

Samuel Kivultu, chair of Keyna’s Electoral Commission admitted there was fraud in the election and that he had been pressured to declare President Kibaki the winner. “I do not know whether Kibaki won the election,” said the commissioner who insisted, “we are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went on.” In the meantime, hundreds of people are dead as groups opposing the stolen election demonstrate in the streets. A church that burned led to the death of over thirty children whose families had taken refuge in the building to avoid angry demonstrators. Government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, said the government would not accept mediation because the results were in and President Kibaki had won re-election.

After stealing the election, President Kibaki now offers “dialogue” to his opponents. The people of Kenya want something else– an honest count of all votes. The solution does not require any discussion, it necessitates an independent group coming in which will carefully review all votes tabulated in the election in order to determine who actually won it. Kibaki, apparently, does not want such a scenario. He prefers claiming victory and then having his opponents come to him and seek his forgiveness for their violent behavior. Kibaki, like most criminals, wants to shift attention away from the crime and onto the reaction to the crime. There are reports that South African leader Desmond Tutu is on his way to Kenya in order to offer his mediation talents. The opposition does not seek mediation, they prefer honesty.

Kenya Democracy Threatened By Rigged Election

The nation of Kenya was demonstrating to Africa that honest elections could be held and an incumbent leader could leave office with grace. That was the intention when the election began, but as results increasingly indicated opposition leader Odinga was headed toward a strong victory, the tides of votes turned and within a few hours what was apparently a victory became a defeat. The Electoral Commission of Kenya(ECK) revealed final figures showed a vote of 4,548,721 for President Kibaki and 4,352,993 for Odinga. Within hours of these figures being published, the head of ECK announced, “Kibaki the President of Kenya.” Thousands of people are now rioting in the streets of Kenya in protest at the blatant stealing of an election.

Last night, early results indicated that at least 20 ministers in the Kibaki government had lost their seats in parliament, a sign that people were voting against the government. Although, there was sufficient evidence to warrant further review of the election, there was a rush to judgment by the election commission and the president was immediately declared he winner. It was not merely a rush to judgment, it was a rush to corruption.

Dueling Election Numbers in Kenya Cause Chaos

Kenya conducted a democratic election which was supposed to produce a president who had clearly gained a majority of the vote. Unfortunately, there are widely different vote results at this point in time. The opposition party, the Orange Democratic Movement, claims the vote results are 4,215,000 for its candidate Raila Odinga and 3,715,000 for the incumbent President KIbaki. However, the Election Commission is offering a different set of numbers claiming the vote is 3,880,000 for Odinga and 3,842,000 for President Kibaki. There are some reports of violence in Nairobi although, overall, the election was conducted in a fair manner.

One problem about the Election Commission results is that at least 20 top level ministers in the current government were defeated for seats in parliament. Ordinarily, when a government suffers such dramatic loss among its top leadership it is indicative that the electorate is voting for the opposition. The nation of Kenya waits anxiously for final figures and if they reveal a victory for President Kibaki, one can expect justifiable complaints from the opposition.

Ray Of Hope-Democracy Triumphs In Kenya

The nation of Kenya is experiencing a free election in which an opposition candidate apparently will gain the most votes and oust the present leader, President Kibaki. Unofficial results indicate that Alia Odinga, who once was a political prisoner is surging ahead with about 57% of the vote compared to Kibaki’s 39%. If Kibaki loses he will become the first Kenya leader to be ousted from office since the nation obtained its independence in 1963. At the parliamentary level, Odinga supporters are expected to obtain about 31 of 41 seats already decided. The fight against government corruption was an important theme of the Odinga candidacy and results indicate that vice-pesident Moody Awori has also lost his seat together with several other members of the cabinet.

The good news is a fair election took place and someone was defeated and will now leave office. This is the process all nations must experience. We Americans first had the experience in 1800 when John Adams left quietly and Thomas Jefferson became the first opposition candidate to gain office. Congratulations to the people of Kenya.