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1,000 Dead In Kenya Violence

At least 1,000 Kenyans are dead in the violence which has torn apart the once peaceful democracy. Opposition leader Raila Odinga called off nationwide protests by supporters in order to create a “peaceful atmosphere” for the talks he will be having with President Kibaki. It is estimated about 250,000 people have been forced to flee to escape angry mobs as tribal identities led to attacks on rival groups. Much of tribal violence is directed toward members of Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe. The US State Department reiterated its strong support for the Kenyan government despite the violence which has shaken the nation due to the blatant attempt by President Kibaki to steal the election.

Even as Washington continues backing Kibaki, the Law Society of Kneya accused electoral officials of “dishonesty and ineptitude” and called Kibaki’s swearing in-ceremony “null and void.” The world waits for leadership and few eyes are gazing westward to the United States.