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Bombs Away In Iraq And Afghanistan

A few weeks ago, the last American troops left Iraqi cities and people cheered in the streets at the departure of the invaders. Since Americans turned over control of cities in Iraq, there has been an ongoing series of bombings that have killed over two hundred and wounded over 300 Iraqis. In the town of Tal Afar, suicide bombers coordinated a dual strike that killed 41 people while in Baghdad bombs placed in a market exploded with deadly results. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan an explosion outside of a school resulted in the death of 25 people including at least 15 students.

Those who are not Muslim wonder how people claiming to have a deep Islamic faith can kill their own children in the name of the Koran or God or whoever. There have been suicide bombers and terrorists throughout human history, but, ordinarily they were guided by love of their country and its people. The most surprising aspect of Muslim terrorism is that those doing the killing appear to prefer killing Muslims than non-Muslims. It is a rather unusual approach to terrorism in human history.

Death In Jerusalem-Who MOurns For Victims?

A Palestinian who worked for the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva entered the library area, took out a weapon and began blasting away until eight young Jewish youths lay dead and 11 others wounded. The terrorist was caught and killed as he tried to escape. The head of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Yaakov Sapira compared the slaughter to Arab killing of Jews in the 1929 Hebron massacres. The children are dead, but questions also remain as to how will the Arab world react to these killings. It appears the killer’s family is already hanging flags of Hamas, are they being hung as a gesture of sorrow or to celebrate the death of Jews?

Most probably, many people in Gaza will celebrate death and few leaders of Hamas will ever express regret at the killing of innocent children– unless, of course, they are Muslim children who got killled. One of the tragedies of the constant killing of people during the Israel-Palestinan conflict is the loss of a sense of humanity. If people kill for years, they lose sight of their own religion’s values and cease viewing the enemy as a person. If there are celebrations for this brutal act of terrorism in Gaza or elsewhere in the Arab world, it reflects a loss of belief in the Islamic faith much more than it reflects a triumph over Israel. The killer believed in death, not God.