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Human Rights Watch Denounces Hamas

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is among the few organizations concerned about the Middle East which strives to be objective rather than spout the latest example of rhetoric and bias. HRW has strongly denounced Israel behavior during the recent Gaza invasion, but yesterday it came out with a new report which focused on human rights abuses by Hamas during that violence. Their report charged Hamas with killing at least 32 Palestinian political rivals by using cover of the Israel attack to carry out its own vendetta against those who oppose their rule in Gaza. According to HRW, there were “unlawful arrests, torture and killings in detention” both during and after the Gaza invasion. Hamas forces tracked down and killed 18 Palestinians it accused of “collaborating” with Israel.

Last month, a Palestinian group, the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHGR) said security forces of both Fatah and Hamas routinely carry out torture on prisoners that includes pulling out fingernails, beatings and sleep deprivation.

The fact that torture is committed by one group does not sanction other groups in using such methods.