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Japanese Newspaper Blasts Whaling!

C.W. Nicol, writing in the Japan Times, expressed his horror at events unrolling in the Antartic Ocean where Japanese whaling ships continue their brutal program of killing whales. “When I turned on my TV to both BBC and CNN, this morning, I was shocked and saddened by the sight of a minke whale and calf being winched up the ramp of a Japanese factory ship in the Antartic Ocean…to see obvious and irrefutable evidence that Japanese whalers have crossed the line to kill calves and probably a mother and calf, was too much.”

Mr. Nicol has been involved in whaling since 1965, and he has “made myself unpopular abroad in speaking out in defense of Japan taking whales for food as long as whalers abided by a scientific quota.” However, as “a longtime friend of Japanese whaling” activities, Mr. Nicol joins with the rest of the world in asking Japan to cease and desist from their horrible activity.