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Nigerian Leader Appointed Congo Mediator

The horror that is the Congo continued on its destructive path resulting in the death of thousands and rape and destruction engulfing millions of people. Former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, was asked by the United Nations to assume the role of attempting to mediate the madness that has become the Congo. He is trying to persuade Rwanda leaders to send negotiators to assist in the peace process. Meanwhile, UN forces have evacuated large areas in the Congo as rebel troops led by General Laurent Nkunda swept through areas killing, raping and looting even as retreating members of the Congo army killed, raped and looted on their way far from any fighting.

A UN convoy finally reached a camp that supposedly held thousands of refugees only to find it deserted since the people fled to avoid the oncoming slaughter of General Nkunda. Part of the problem is although nations contributed troops to the UN they are tied by restrictions not to engage in battle. Unfortunately, General Nkunda has no such restrictions.

Tale Of Lonely Japanese Worker Who Murdered

He was an individual who people passed by while they were engaged in discussions with friends, a man who sat next to someone on the metro who was focusing on the day’s news, or the man who walked by you as you entered the apartment building. Tomohiro Kato, wrote online, “the clicking sound of my cell phone echoes emptily in my room. If only I had a girl friend, I wouldn’t have to live so miserably….” Kato posted thousands of such messages online most probably of hoping someone might respond and he would have a friend with whom to talk, but nothing happened other than his constant posting of messages. He was trapped in what Japanese people term, “seken”(society of people with whom one deals with) an emotion that is so important in life for a society in which the word “individual” never appeared until the 1880s.

In his postings June 3-8, he used the word “hiton”(alone) 39 times, “kanojo(girlfriend) 42 times, “tomadach”(friend) 26 times. He wrote, “I don’t have a girl friend. Just because of this my life has fallen apart.” Finally, he rented a truck and drove it into a crowd of people in Tokyo’s Akihaara district and killed seven while leaving others seriously injured.

After the attack, there were 360,000 postings in which writers expressed their understanding of why this lonely man had become a killer. Professor Naoki Soto notes: “In Japan, individuals are created by their relationship to the people around them.” Kato, who was an outstanding student in school but wound up painting carts, invested heavily in trying to become a member of Japanese society, but never received a return investment in him.

Sudan Official-Only A Few People Died In Darfur!!

A Sudanese senior official, on a trip to Japan, claimed critics had completely exaggerated the situation in Darfur and that only a fraction of those claimed to have been killed really got killed. Sudanese presidential adviser, Nafie Ali Nafie, said “Our estimate is not more than 10,000… quite a difference number from 200,000. I dare say that the situation in Darfur is more than 95% stable and secure.” He indicated his government’s displeasure with attempts to link Chinese involvment in the Sudan with an Olympic boycott. “The West will not be happy with involvement of any Asian country in Africa, simply because the West would like to see Africa as their backyard.”

Sudan’s government routinely disputes figures from dozens of world bodies whose estimate of deaths in Darfur range from 200,000 up to over 400,000. One survey by the Center for International Justice found that 61% of those interviewed reported witnessing the killing of a family member. Perhaps, Mr. Nafie can explain the Janjaweed which spread terrorism throughout the Sudan and routinely rape and kill.

Military Panel Acquits Soldier Of Killing Unarmed Iraqis

A military panel acquitted Spc. Jorge Sandoval on charges he killed two unarmed Iraqis, but convicted him of planting evidence on the dead bodies in an attempt to cover up the shooting. Sandoval’s lawyer claimed he was only guilty of misplacing government property by planting the detonation wire on the bodies. It is clear both men were unarmed and had their hands in the air after they accidentally stumbled on a secret sniper hideout. Spc. Alexnader Forbes who was with Sandoval said they were told by Sgt. Michael Hensley the suspects were “our guy.” In May, Sgt. Hensley was involved in a case in which Sgt. Vela killed an unarmed Iraqi who had his hands in the air.

This is a sickening episode in the history of the American military. How can one be “aquitted” of murder but found guilty of misplacing government property by planting evidence to cover up a murder! If one is covering up an action doesn’t that indicate one knows there has been a mistake? It is these type of killings which enable insurgents to gain popular support within the Iraqi population. By the way, there is no mention of any officers being around during these incidents. Why?