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Are North Korean Statements-Sound And Fury?

Recent photographs which depict North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as seriously ill, reportedly with cancer, may explain the outpouring of threats and warnings about possible nuclear attacks that North Korea issues almost every day. The North has threatened a “thousand-fold” military retaliation if anyone attacks their nation. North Koreans can sleep peacefully at night because there is no plan to invade or bomb that nation. General Walter Sharp, the top US commander in Korea assures one and all there is sufficient military force to handle, “anything North Korea can throw at us.”

The world can expect turmoil and confusion once Kim dies and his son attempts to become leader of the country. It is almost certain there must be generals in the North Korean army ready to make a quick grab at power and send the young punk son off to China.

Of course, no one knows exactly what will happen. Who knows, maybe North Korea has a young George Bush who sees WMD in South Korea that must be destroyed.

North Korea Darkness Prevails-Is He Dead Or Alive?

The lingering mystery as to the status of North Korean leader, Kim Jong il continues to confuse foreign policy experts. South Korean Intelligence sources believe the North Korean boss is recovering from surgery or a serious illness but there is no sign he lacks the ability to exert his control. The South Korean National Intelligence Service(NIS) told National Assembly sources there is no power vacuum. Unlike his father, Kim Jong il has not prepared any of his three sons to assume power in case of his death. Most likely, some form of military coalition leadership would assume control of the country and this most likely will result in not being able to engage in meaningful dialogue with the outside world for months to come.

The good news is South Korean military officials have not noticed any sign of movement by opposing North Korean soldiers and the border is calm. It is one of those wait and watch situations. Frankly, no one really knows what will happen.