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All Hail King Bobby Of Mugabeland!

There are people in the world who still refuse to recognize that King Bobby of Zimbabwe was the one who threw out the evil white devils and brought peace and prosperity to the land. Naturally, those who are on the side of the white devils utter some words like freedom or democracy, but we all know that only white devils use such words and anyone who uses freedom or democracy is allied with the white devils. Oh, I guess there are some who have this ridiculous idea that the people of Zimbabwe are against King Bobby, but we all know their water was poisoned with white capsules which lead people to believe that white is good and black is bad. These people do not understand when a black skinned thug beats and kills people he is merely doing the beating and killing to protect them against the evil black leaders who are in alliance with COLONIALISTS!

King Bobby was generous to allow this Morgan Tsvangirai to come to his beloved land of Mugabeland and did not beat the hell out of him although he should have been beaten for using words like democracy and freedom. There are times when King Bobby has to beat up people to prevent them from doing bad things. The only reason King Bobby is keeping these Movement for Democratic Change people in jail and given them a few lessons in pain is because he cares about them and wants to protect them against their own evil thoughts.

All Hail King Bobby of Mugabeland and may the good lord grant him the power to wipe out anyone who does not believe in the worlds of King Bobby.