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Bye Bye King Say People Of Nepal!

The world’s last Hindu kingdom became the newest secular republic as the people of Nepal celebrated in the streets the end of a monarchy that had lost the confidence of its subjects. Thousands of people marched, danced and sang in the streets of Katmandu awaiting the vote of the assembly which decided it was time for King Gyanendra to depart to another place of residence. The vote to end the 239 year-old monarchy was 560 to four. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala declared Nepal’s rebirth as a republic. “We have entered a new era today.” The King was given 15 days to quit the palace and move to another of his places of residence.

Nepal has endured a decade of violence including the 2001 palace m asscre in which a gunman, allgedly the crown prince assassinated the late King Birendra and much of the
royal family before killing hmself. The event may have created an uneasiness about the very nature of royal family.

Th communists are now in firm control of the nation and have pledged to continue its capitalist way of life. They are still struggling to establish a government and then will face the more difficult process of governing a nation.