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Listening Mr. Murdoch?-Off With Your Head!

Saudi Arabia’s highest judiciary official issues a religious decree says it was permissible to kll the owners of satellite TV networks that broadcast immoral content. Sheikh Saleh Al-Lihedan, said that satellite channels broadcasts cause the “deviance of thousands of people” and interfere with people watching nice, decent content on Arab channels. Of course, the religious content of some of these broadcasts might lean to being boring but they do ensure no one’s mind will get corrupted by watching comedy or half nude women or individuals expressing their own views, and, of course, we certainly don’t want people watching TV shows in which there is kissing or reference to gays. The Sheikh was particularly upset at music videos.

Part of the problem facing these important clerics is the fact so many of the satellite are owned by important figures in the Saudi government or business community. Killing them might upset a few people high in government, but when it comes down to allowing people to see two humans embrace and kiss and murder– well, guess which one will prevail in Saudi Arabia?