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Khmer Rouge Defendant Blames Nixon

The legacy of Richard Nixon lives on years after his death and the legacy of Henry Kissinger is once again defamed by his bloody hands of war. Kaing Guek Eav–Duch-the defendant in the Cambodian genocide trial says the policies of Nixon and Kissinger allowed the Khmer Rouge to gain power when they were on the verge of dying out. Nixon’s ill fated decision in 1970 to drag Cambodia into the Vietnam war and to overthrow the government of Prince Nordom Sihanuouk placed in power General Non Lol. Sihanouk then allied with the Khmer Rouge which allowed them to become a revitalized force and eventually to seize power and then unleash their genocidal atrocities.

The defendant ran the main jail and is responsible for his actions. Unfortunately, the United States has never placed Henry Kissinger on trial for his actions in the Vietnam War. Instead, he is allowed to wander the land making money.

Kissinger And Blair Warn Of Oil Conflicts Erupting

Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger are attending an international economic conference in Russia where they spoke candidly about the current situation in the world. Former Nixon Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, urged Russia and the United States to draw closer since it was in the best interests of both nations to be united as dramatic changes sweep the world. He expressed the view that environmental or oil or terrorist issues “can be dealt with by confrontation between the United States and Russia.” In sharp contrast with President Bush who has set about to provoke Russian anger by building missile bases on its border, the practitioner of “realist” policies suggested a different approach. “It is not in the US interest to keep Russia down, and it’s not in the Russian interest to look at the United States as a protagonist.”

Both former prime minister Tony Blair and Kissinger warned that power in the world was shifting eastward to Russia, China, India and the Middle East. Blair suggested these shifts might eventually result in a return to old colonial power plays in which military force was used to obtain energy supplies.

There is little question Kissinger and Blair are suggesting real possibilities that might emerge if nations feel their prosperity is slipping away due to high oil prices. Nations like Saudi Arabia could readily be invaded by outside forces determined to gain control of more oil.

Kissinger -Either EU Fights Or US Doesn’t!

In an intervew with the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, Henry Kissinger blamed Europeans for hiding “behind the unpopularity of Bush” in order to avoid their responsibilities in fighting in Afghanistan and in Iraq. The former secretary of state put forth the famous “falling dominoes” theory which postulates failure in Iraq or Afghanistan will result in similar terrorist success in other parts of the Muslim world. Kissinger was particularly upset at failure of European Union nations to send more troops to Afghanistan. “Either there are no vital interests in the region and we don’t fight. Or there are vital Western interests in the region and we have to fight.”

There are reports the German government is already letting Washington know its parliament may not renew this fall a commitment of sending troops to Afghanistan. Such talk upsets Henry Kissinger who believes military might is the best guarantor of peace. Of course, as secretary of state, Kissinger engaged in talks with Communist China without setting preconditions. He relied on diplomacy rather than force to establish positive relations with China. But, he now apparently believes tough minded negotiations are of less importance than guns.

Henry Kissinger threw out the idea if terrorists win in Afghanistan they will win elsewhere in the Muslim world. Let’s look at the record. Last week, fundamentalist Muslims won about 8% of the vote in Pakistan, they do equally as poor in Indonesia, and Algeria, Morocco and Libya have all cracked down on fundamentalist Islamic groups. Henry Kissinger is not discussing diplomacy, he is giving a sales pitch to support the candidacy of John McCain.

Secret US – Japanese Agreement On Nuclear Weapons

A Japanese professor doing research uncovered a secret document from the Nixon administration in which the United States and Japan agree nuclear weapons can be brought into Japan in exchange for having the island of Okinawa revert to control of its mother country. The document, dated November 12, 13. 1969 was written by National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. It states: “Attached is a game plan to be followed by prime Minister Sato and yourself (Nixon) in conjunction with secret United States-japanese agreements on access to post reversion Okinawa to Japan, remove nuclear weapons from the prefecture.” Essentially, the agreement allowed the U.S. to bring nuclear weapons into Japan after Okinawa officially became part of Japan.

It is such documents which frighten many people in the world. Although, this incident occurred over thirty years ago it exemplifies fears that America works behind the scene making deals and conspiring while it insists nations be truthful about their intentions.