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KKK Burns Cross On Lawn Of Airman

It’s Christmas time in Illinois, so some local KKK idiots decided to celebrate the birth of Christ by burning a cross on the lawn of a member of the United States air force. A neighbor reported the crime because the airman was off doing his duty serving the United States. The words, “KKK” and “white power” were written on the cross. Burning a five foot cross on the lawn of a member of the military is not the most serious crime committed by those who harbor hatred in their heart at a time of the year when supposedly one is filled with joy and love. It is a relatively minor incident and will soon be forgotten by all concerned. The real tragedy is that people who hide in the darkness of night most probably during daytime are vigorous supporters of fighting wars– ones they will talk about but never engage in. The only fighting they can handle is fighting at night when no one can see their faces and then slithering away before confronting the object of their hate.

I am certain the perpetrators of this cross burning hate al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, their actions are just what al-Qaeda seeks in allies.