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Know Koran Or Can’t Run For Public Office!

The province of Aceh in Indonesia is now requiring any candidate for public office to pass a Koran proficiency test before their name will be placed on the ballot. According to the Election Commission, “candidates who are absent or fail to take the Koran proficiency test will have their candidacy canceled and will not be able to continue their campaign.” A score of at least 50% is required in order to be judged as having passed the test. Non-Muslim candidates are not required to take the exam and if anyone has converted to the Muslim religion within the past year, they will be evaluated on a different standard.

I still can not figure out why non-Muslims do not have to take an exam in their own religion. Does this men religious ignorant Christians are OK? Of course, when it comes to agnostics, there are a few problems.

I believe the idea of a proficiency test has some interesting merit. Perhaps, candidates in American political races should be compelled to take a Constitution proficiency exam. Of course, President Bush and his cronies would automatically fail such an exam because to them the Constitution is a document whose words have never entered the inner regions of their minds. Now, there are a few members of the Supreme Court who might encounter difficulty passing a Constitution proficiency test.