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Bush “Apologizes” Over Koran Shooting

The furor over an American soldier’s decision make a copy of the Koran the focus of his target practice has aroused a storm of protest throoughout the Muslim world. President Bush supposdly in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Maliki apologized on behalf of the American people for the incident and promised to prosecute the soldier in a court of law. Iraqi government spokesperson, Ali al-Dabbagh, said the president’s apology was not sufficient. “We need to try this soldier since he committed a grievous crime. This is what the Iraqi government wants. It is not satisfied with just an apology.” The US Embassy said in his call, Bush, expresed his deep concern over the “completely unacceptable conduct of an American soldieer.”

At one point during the day, a White House spokesperson claimed the president did not apologize, but merely expressed his “concern.” In either respect it is apparent the Iraqi government wants to try the soldier.

No president can allow an American soldier to be tried by a government ruled by clerics who decide what is or what is not a law.