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Serbia “Annuls” Kosovo Independence

As the government of Kosovo announced its independence, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica of Serbia told his nation the action was illegal and thus null and void. “Kosovo’s unilateral declalration of a false state is the final act of a pollicy that started with the NATO agression against Serbia in 1999.” He blamed “NATO’s military interests” as the cause of Kosovo seeking to become an independent nation. Kostunica most strongly attacked the United States as the main culprit in the action and claimed it forced the European Union to “trample on the principles it is built upon.” One assumes he referred to preventing regions from seceeding from a mother nation.

President Bori Tadic issued a statement saying his govenment would do all in its power to “annul the self-styled and illegal declaraiton of Kosovo’s independence.” But, he cautioned his people to remain calm and avoid provocative actions.

Obviously, no nation enjoys the prospect of witnessing a piece of its territory leave the national entity, but Serbians apparently have forgotten their brutal policies and concentration camps for Muslims in the 1990s. Part of the problem is having the people of Kosovo seek to remain part of Serbia was failure on the part of its government to accept responsibility for murders committed against civilians during the fighting.

Kosovo Stalemate- The Conflict Goes On

The European Union has been attempting for years to devise a compromise which would satisfy the desires for people in Kosovo to be independent while still ensuring the people of Serbia’s rights are respected. The effort has not worked and Kosovo will shortly announce its independence. EU mediator Wolfgang Ischinger has noted, ‘the report will conclude that the two sides have not been able to reach an agreement.” The Serbian province which has two million Albanians and about 100,000 Serbs will announce that it has decided to become an independent nation. There are fears the decision about independence will be announced in January and immediately result in violence as bands of Serbs challenge the new Albanian government. The UN tried to negotiate a supervised process of independence that would protect Serbian rights in Kosovo, but Russia blocked the move in the Security Council since it regards itself as the protector of Serbs.

Russia wants talks and negotiation to continue even though the evidence is overwhelming that further talks will simply prolong the inevitable decision that must eventually be accepted by the world. It is unclear what will happen once Kosovo becomes independent, particularly if violence ensues. Russia will undoubtedly support the Serbians and if the EU backs the Albanians, the potential for serious violence is possible.