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Congo Cease Fire??

The Congo has been the scene of unprecedented horror as several nations and dozens of insurgents vie for control of its resources. It is estimated about five million innocent people have died in the Congo since 2000. UN peacekeeper forces have been unable to halt the genocide which now envelops the nation. A prominent rebel leader, General Laurent Nkunda, has agreed to a temporary cease fire that will be monitored. The agreement was hammered out with the assistance of former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obsanjo. However, Nkunda was not apparently receptive to the idea of a UN peacekeeping force that would enforce the cease fire.

According to Obsanjo, “He(Lukunda) accepts the UN envoy as a mediator between his side and the government side. He wants the government to accept responsibility for a ceasefire by what he called government allies.” So called “General” Lukunda is actually from Rwanda and was part of groups that entered the Congo in search of riches, not in an effort to help the people of this sad country. Frankly, there is no possibility for a “peace” that benefits the people of the Congo unless other African powers become serious and exert pressure on Rwanda for its interference in the affairs of a neighboring nation.