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Turkish President–We’ll Solve Kurdish Problem!

President Abdullah Gul said he was working to resolve problems with Turkey’s Kurdish minority and urged the European Union or other outside groups to remain out of the issue. “There are already good things happening. We are resolving our own internal problems.” He emphasized his government was trying to cooperate with the Iraqi Kurdish government in order to clamp down on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Gul is expected to meet with President Barzani of the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq. There is some speculation that Gul is contemplating a general amnesty for Kurdish militants who have been fighting for years.

Perhaps, this is another example of the United States distancing itself from a regional conflict since there are signs progress is being made to resolve this issue. The United States does not always have to go charging in and impose its will to end disputes. In most cases, that attitude results in making the situation worse.