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Tips On Marriage For Kuwait Young People

The government of Kuwait is concerned about marriage and wants to make certain that each and every young person is clear about how to get married and live a happy life with their spouse. The University of Kuwait could be teaching students the intricacies of key issues in the world, but decided to hold a seminar on “How to Choose Your Spouse.” I assume those teaching the seminar can produce credentials affirming they have married the right spouse and are living happily ever after. Alhareth Al-Mazeedi of the Ministry of Justice, told the group, there are many misconceptions about marriage and too many marry for the wrong reasons. He urged that young men and women should think rationally and understand that getting married is a “long-term investment.”

Of course, he noted, in Kuwait there is always the problem of who mom or dad want you to marry, and, on occasion, they might even get in the way between you and your spouse. “It can easily ruin a marriage, and what is scary is the fact that it can easily happen.” He agreed that many at the seminar will have their spouse selected by a parent, but, this is only more reason to work at the marriage. One can never know the person selected was the right one for them in life. On the other hand, it was the right one for their parents.

The good news is Kuwait University will conduct future such seminars and they will include “distinguished speakers.” I assume that means no one who ever was divorced.