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Myanmar Farce Brings Tears, Not Laughter!

Franz Kafka up in heaven must be smiling as he gazes at what is termed a “trial” in the nation of Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the democratic movement in Burma, is on trial for breaching her house arrest because a mentally disturbed man swam across a lake, entered her house, and complained he was exhausted. In most normal societies in the world, compassion shown by Ms. Kyi would be rewarded, but in the paranoia land of Myanmar, its military leaders see plots and conspiracies under every bed in the nation. John Yettaw, the American claims to have seen a dream in which he rushed to the home of Ms. Kyi to save her life. He told the tribunal, “I can’t walk on the water, so I swam.” This man entered the home of Ms. Kyi and she did her best to aid him since it was apparent he was emotionally unstable.

Burma’s military junta responded to world condemnation of the trial by insisting Yettaw was a “secret agent of her boyfriend” and engaged in some nefarious plot. It is impossible to conduct a rational discussion with the mentally ill rulers of Burma so Ms. Kyi undoubtedly will face additional time under house arrest.

Go to bed, Mr. Kafka, your literature has become reality.