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Goons Still On Rampage In Kyrgyzstan

The nice big Us Manas air base sits in Kyrgyzstan and is used to convey supplies to those fighting in Afghanistan against terrorism. Of course, even as planes head south toward the terrorists, they fly over area in which terrorists are on the loose beating, killing and stealing from members of the Uzbeck minority. Kygryr troops entered an Uzbeck community, beat several dozen men and women in the heart of Osh, and then left with their money and valuables. Human Rights observers claim the troops, who supposedly are protecting people against mob violence, resorted to mob violence in order to complete the job of burning down homes and stores that began last week by local mobs. It increasingly becomes clear the Kyrgyz security forces are in collusion with ousted leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev and want to restore him to power. The interim government appears powerless at this point to protect its own citizens against its own armed forces!
The ironic aspects of this matter is violence and terrorism go on while US planes fly to prevent such outbreaks. Is there a moral in this story?