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Muslims Upset At Muslims Killed By Jews-Not By Muslims!

The death of nine people killed by bullets from weapons of the Israel Defense Force set off an uproar of anger throughout the Muslim world with thousands marching in streets with banners demanding action. Over 2,000 Muslims have just been murdered in Kyrgyzstan and we do not notice any marches in Muslim nations to demand action to halt this slaughter. Over 400,000 Uzbeck Muslims have been displaced and sent to refugee camps but we do not notice any planes flying from Muslim nations with food and supplies. Of course, if twenty Muslims were murdered by Israeli troops, the Muslim world would be at the UN demanding investigations and punishment. The death of a single person is one death too many. The death of nine innocent people is terrible, but to be silent when 2,000 are killed, when dozens of Muslim women are raped, when hundreds of children are burned to death and remain silent sends a message regarding what upsets those in Muslim societies.

Interim leader, Rosa Otunbayea promises aid to Uzbecks, but media on the scene insist most aid at this point is not going to the minority Uzbecks, but to the Kyrgz who began the slaughter.

As I recall, when someone published a cartoon, the streets of many cities in the Muslim world were filled with angry individuals. Any anger when the murderers are Muslim and the victims are Muslims?

Kyrgyzstan -Death And Muslim Hypocrisy?

Latest reports from Kyrgyzstan are that nearly 200 Uzbecks have been killed by mobs of Kyrgyz men and an estimated 400,000 people have been compelled to flee for their lives. Eye witnesses claim women have been raped and then killed while in many cases homes were burned to the ground while innocent children were inside. The government claims this violence was begun by ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his son. Maxim Bakiyev has been detained in England and the government of Kyrgyzstan wants him sent returned to face trial for his participation in beginning the violence. They threaten to close the American air base unless he is sent home arguing the base is designed to fight terrorism and Maxim is responsible for horrible terrorism.

The Kyrgyz and the Uzbecks are Sunni Muslim. As far as we can estimate, there have been no widespread demonstrations in Muslim nations over this slaughter of the innocent. Nine people were killed by Israel soldiers which resulted in world wide protests, but the killing of hundreds and expelling of 400,000 Muslim people apparently does not appear to stir anger in Muslim societies. Of course, if someone in Kyrgyzstan drew a cartoon, the streets would be packed with protestors.

We support the right of Uzbecks to live in peace and security. Their lives are just as important as the nine killed on ships. How about Muslims ending their double standard as to what they will protest? Is a life of a Muslim killed by another Muslim of less importance than a Muslim killed by an Israeli soldier?

Genocide, Planet Earth In Kyrgyzstan

A visitor from another planet would find most fascinating about life on Earth the human capacity to kill and slaughter our neighbors and friends if the right motive is provided for those murders. In Nazi, Germany, the excuse was religion, in the American South the excuse was skin color, in Ireland it was they were a different sort of Christian, the list goes on and on. In Kyrgyzstan, a genocide is occurring as Kyrgyz men march down streets, take women from their homes, strip them naked and after raping them, cut off their fingers or chop them into little pieces. The Uzbek minority is the object of killing. In one street survivors found the bodies of several children who had been burned to death. The violence, which erupted last Thursday was planned and organized by followers of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev who sought revenge against Uzbeks who had led the fight to end his corrupt, dictatorial rule.

Survivors report gangs of Kyrgyz men, many dressed in army uniforms, entered Uzbek areas in armored cars which led people to believe they had come to end the fighting. Little did they realize these thugs were murderers out to rape and kill. The pogrom of killing moved from the city of Osh to outlying villages and conservative estimates are that over 2,000 have been killed in this rampage of death and destruction. Uzbeks comprise about 15% of the country and they historically have been city dwellers unlike the Kyrgyz who originally were nomads and farmers. It idd not require Bakiyev much to stir up old animosities and urge destruction of Uzbek businesses and restaurants and homes.

The International Court for Criminal Justice must issue a warrant for the arrest of Bakiyev and place this murdering thug on trial.