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Surprise! UK Voters Don’t Trust Labor Party!

Historically, the British Labor Party was in the forefront of fighting to end war and to work for peace in the world. Unfortunately, they selected Tony Blair as their party’s leader and this man forged a friendship with the brilliant leader of the United States–George Bush. Tony, the man with the backbone of a chocolate eclair, blindly followed the nincompoop from Texas into the tragedy that is Iraq, wasted billions of dollars and left his nation angry and confused. Add on the debacle of handling a world-wide economic disaster and it is no surprise most inhabitants of the UK no longer trust the Labor Party.

An overwhelming majority of voters believe Labor does not tell the truth about the state of the nation’s finances. About 43% support the Conservative Party, 26% favor Labor, 19% are for the LIberal Democrats and the remainder are trying to figure out if anyone is ready to tell the truth.

If one lies down with the dogs of war eventually one will have the stink of lies and deception hang onto one’s body.

Wither The UK With Or Without Labor?

The British Labor party historically represented forces of social concern and respect for individual rights. However, over the past decade under leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown a new image has emerged regarding the party. Latest polls indicate a disastrous future for Labor the next election for parliament with only about 25% solidly behind their party. People are turning away from Labor because they have lost faith in its ability or willingness to deal with critical issues ranging from healthcare to the war in Afghanistan to the economic crisis.

Unfortunately, for Gordon Brown he is linked to the disaster that was Iraq when Blair decided to allow his friendship with Bush to overcome common sense and plunged the UK into an unpopular war which has economically impacted the nation. The real issue is being able to name an issue where Labor leadership gives hope for innovative thinking. The Afghan debacle will only get worse and more British soldiers will die, but Brown blunders ahead refusing to accept responsibility that Labor made a mistake by joining with Bush in Iraq. How about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for members of the Labor Party?

Which Way Israel–Right Or Left?

The nation of Israel is fast approaching a critical point in its history as forces of right wing anti-Muslim hatred seek to gain control and force their nation to be outcast from the world. Labor leader and Defense Minister Ehud Barak said his party would seriously consider an offer from prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu to join his Cabinet. Barak said the good of the nation might require his party to join with right wing groups that have absolutely nothing in common with historic Labor views on Israel relations with Arab nations. Netanyahu is offering Labor some seats in the Cabinet, but in becoming part of this coalition, Barak risks associating his party with right wing demagogue Avigdor Lieberman who is hated in the Arab world and not respected in Europe or, most probably, in the United States.

MK Shelly Yacimovich, said aligning with Netanyahu risks giving a seal of approval to “the worst government in the country’s history” and most probably will result in the end of the Labor party. Which way, Labor, join a right wing group bent on destroying Israel’s reputation in the world or standing apart and hoping to make the people of Israel aware of dangers facing their country with Netanyaju and Lieberman in charge?