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Israel Labor Party Betrays Its Heritage

The Israel Labor Party once was led by giants such as David Ben-Gurion or Golda Meier who believed in an Israel which worked with Palestinians to create a prosperous and peaceful Middle East. Yesterday, Ehud Barak, sold out his party and its soul by pushing through his Labor’s convention a proposal to join the right wing racist government of Benjamin Netanyahu who has appointed Avigdor Lieberman as the new foreign minister. Labor will now become part of a coalition government which includes representatives of every demagogue in Israel who believes acting in a bellicose manner is the path to peace with Palestinians.

The people of Israel need opposition party that stands for peace and equality with Palestinians. Now, more than ever, Israel must express a non-racist view which welcomes Palestinians as brothers and sisters. Avigdor Lieberman is a virulent racist who is a disgrace to the history of Israel and its former leaders. Many must be turning over in their graves at news that Labor has joined with the crowd now in charge of the nation.

Tide Of Conservatism Impacting Great Britain?

The Labor party of Gordon Brown has never recovered from its disatrous alliance with George Bush in the fiasco that is known as the Iraq war. A growing malaise has seeped into the minds of British citizens, a feeling the Labor party is not connected to their needs and desires. Yesterday’s sweping victory for the Conservative party suggests Great Britain is headed towards a realignment of power and the emergence of David Cameron as a future prime minister. In three years, Cameron has ripped to pieces the portrait of an efficient and modern Labor party into one in which people wonder when is the next example of Labor incomptence.

The main weakness of Cameron and the Conservatives is their lack of strength in major British cities. This has necessitated forming an alliance with Liberal Democrats in order to challenge Labor urban strength. There apparently is a sense among voters they seek change, but it is unclear as to the nature of this change. Cameron has to present a clear platform of change that addresses issues in Great Britain, something he has yet to accomplish.

Gordon Brown and the Labor party are down, but not out. Brown has to emerge from stumbling and bumbling his way in power and offer his nation a new image of life in the 21st century. If no such portrain of future life emerges, he will soon be surrendering the power of government.