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Anglican Bishops: Inclusive Communion For All!

The leadership of the Anglican Church expressed in clear terms their support for the rights of gays and women to be active participants in all facets of their religion. Duleep de Chickera, a bishop for Sri Lanka, made clear” “There is space equally for anyone and everyone, regardless of color, ability, gender or sexual orientation. It is an inclusive communion where there is space equally for everyone and anyone, regardless.” He admitted “some of us are not here”(Lambeth Conference), a reference to the decision by traditionalists to boycott the Lambeth conference in opposition of the decision by the Archbishop of Canterbury(Rowan Williams) to support gay and female bishops.

Dr. Rowan Williams received a standing ovation from the assembled bishops and he urged of the importance of finding ways to respect the ideas of liberals and traditionalists. Many observers were surprised at the remarkable sense of unity among the bishops even though there is a significant number who might still harbor doubts about the move toward allowing gay and female bishops.