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Soldier Kills Self In Grief And Pain

Captain Lance Waldorf went to a military cemertary and wandered among the headstones reflecting on dead bodies of fallen heroes. Not dubt tears flowed from his eyes as he walked past graves of those who had fallen in the service of their country. After a while, he paused, sat down, sighed, and shot himself. His wife Lana, said he went to the cemetary for some solitude and peace in order to calm the fierce feelings of depression that had enveloped his mind. She felt “his desire to be at peace in heaven was greater than the thought of enduring pain anymore.”

Mrs. Waldorf attributed her husband’s test to the effect of post traumatic stress disorder which arose from his two tours of duty in Afghanistan and the one he shortly was to endure. As Mrs. Waldorf put it, “anyone coming back from a war where they have seen killinngs, where they have seen death, where they have feared for their own life is going to come back with emotional wounds.” There is not more to say about the death of Captain Lance Waldorf.