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Language Police In Charge In Slovakia!

These days the language police are active throughout the world ensuring people speak and write correctly according to standards of excellence identified by those in charge of governments. The Slovak government two weeks ago signed into law that use of minority languages in their country(usually, that means Hungarian) on official documents or in communications will be subject to strict control. The use of minority languages in official documents of municipalities with an ethnic minority of less than 20% will be banned. The language police even made legal that the Slovak writing on monuments must always be in larger print than any other language. Several European Union officials claim the Slovak law violates EU law.

I was raised in a bilingual immigrant family where most people spoke at least two or three languages. I grew up to write a history of America which suggests my sense of nation was not damaged by being able to speak other languages. It is more important in life to speak multiple languages than a single one. Anyway, I enjoy learning other languages when I see signs in non-English ads.