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To Flog Or Not To Flog–That Is The Question!

America has an affinity for sending people to jail regardless of the severity of the crime or their presence as a threat to safety. Saudi Arabia has an affinity for sending people off to get a little flogging which ostensibly will reform their behavior and have them follow the right path to heaven. Saudi Arabia journalist, Rozanna al-Yami, helped organize a talk show in which a Saudi man discussed his rather extensive love life and spared few details. The program created an uproar and clerics denounced the infidels who dared to put such trash on TV. Actually, the entire program took place on Lebanon TV which meant most Saudis never had access to the program. Clerics sentenced Rozanna to sixty lashes in order to send a message to their countrymen that open sex discussions will not be allowed.

Mr. Mazen Abdul-Jawad was arrested for daring to talk openly about sex since sex is not allowed to be discussed in Saudi Arabia unless done so by clerics who spend their time any and all TV shows that might raise the topic. King Abdullah decided to cancel the 60 lashes which means, most probably, the woman will have to endure questions, meetings, discussions and God knows what other methods of verbal torture. I have a hunch she might prefer the 60 lashes.