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Swedish Migration Board Hires Anti-Muslim Lawyer!

Immigrants in any nation must overcome tremendous legal odds in securing their rights to remain and avoid deportation. One would assume it is only fair to ensure lawyers assigned to defend immigrants are free from bias. However, the Swedish Migration board hired a notorious anti-Muslim bigot to represent asylum seekers including Muslims. Hans-Ola Martensson has a blog which is replete with anti-Muslim and immigration comments such as Islam is a “psychological disease.” His blog insists “Muslims are multiplying like rabbits and want to take over Europe.” He also calls for “de-Islamifying” Muslims and compelling them to adopt Swedish ideas.

Mr. Martensson is an equal opportunity bigot and hates gays and lesbians and condemns Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing as a “communist witch” but does add giving her an award is certainly better than giving the prize to Arabs and Negroes.

The Migration Board was shocked to learn one of their employees who is supposed to fairly represent immigrants hates many of the people he is supposedly defending. In fairness to Mr. Martensson, he argues the blog simply reflects his personal views and should not be construed as meaning he carries such dislikes into his professional work.