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Zimbabwe Stumbles Along–The Same Way?

Morgan Tsvangirai is trying to elicit support from donor nations in the world in order to organize some semblance of stability in a nation that has collapsed, but he is not being helped by President Mugabe whose only thought is maintenance of power. There is hope Mugabe’s fellow thugs might finally release a supporter of Tsvangirai from prison where he has been charged with crimes he did NOT commit. At a time when the outside world wants the economy to function President Mugabe has announced he wants to finally rid the nation of white farmers whose farms undoubtedly still function. Most probably if they are evicted some henchmen of Mugabe will take the farms and run them into the ground as they have done other farms.

A group of Zimbabwe lawyers tried to place an ad in the state owned Herald newspaper about their efforts to monitor the implementation of the power sharing agreement and were denied. President Mugabe still cannot grasp his dictatorial behavior and power grabbing of land will turn off foreign investors and there will be no foreign aid. The situation is hopeless as long as he retains any power.

Covered Or Uncovered– A Head Is A Head

An historian a hundred years from now will undoubtedly shake her head in bewilderment in reading issues we human deemed of great importance in 2009. Among the most hotly debated issues facing a world in which there is famine, war, and destruction, is the presence of something on top of the head of a woman. It reminds one of the classic “hair battles” of the 1960s in which leaders of nations had to take a stand regarding the exact length of hair that fell within the domain of being proper attire. Three Danish lawyers entered a court room wearing a headscarf to protest current discussions in Parliament over a law that would ban political or religious symbols in a court of law. Janus Malcolm Peterson said he wore the headscarf because; “We trust that the judges understand how they should be dressed in court without introducing legislation about it.”

The Judge, to his credit, ignored this childish display of pique over nothing. If the issue is how does one dress in a court of law, then judges ordinarily make such decisions. Of course, it is ridiculous for parliaments to have such discussions, but there is a point in banning all displays of religion in a secular court of law. The entire matter is a storm in a teacup and much ado about nothing. How about dealing with poverty for a few moments?

Pakistan Lawyers Now Denounce President Zardari

During the past year, lawyers in Pakistan have organized themselves into a powerful force that seeks to create the basis of a democratic society. They staged countless demonstrations against the regime of President Musharraf who they believed had violated the Constitution and imposed a one man rule. They undoubtedly played a role in forcing the Musharraf resignation, but now they are upset at President Zardari who took over the high office. Now, lawyers are shouting in the streets, “”What is Pakistan’s new disease” Zardai, Zardari!” They are furious because Zardari does not wish to reinstate supreme court justices who were fired by Musharraf. Zardari has fears an independent judiciary might set about checking his own sordid background. His nickname while his wife, Benazir Bhutto was in office, was “Mr. Ten Percent” referring to his cuts on government contracts.

The streets of Pakistan’c capitol echo with the shouts of lawyers shouting the name of Iftikhar Chaudhry, who was the chief justice fired by Musharraf and who has yet to be restored to office. Frankly, the chief justice is the only one in Pakistan politics who has made clear his desire to end corruption so that money can be used by the nation rather than by the men with out stretched palms.

Clash Of Power In Pakistan As Lawyers March

The “long march” of Pakistan’s lawyers which seeks to force President Musharraf to resign and to compel judges appointed by him to join the exit has now reached the capital in Islamabad where speeches will greet the marchers. It is estimated the final march will witness about 40,000 people including lawyers, political workers and civil servants. In an editorial in the Lahore Times, the newspaper took to task the entire episode claiming its original purpose for political change has become transformed into a vehicle for political opportunists who are using the lawyers in order to win an election. Nawaz Sharif of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, will be on the platform when marchers arrive to deliver another of his angry speeches insisting Musharraf must go along with judges he appointed. The editors support the current focus of Pakistan People Party leader Zardari who is trying to avoid a constitutional crisis for the newly formed government. He prefers to curb Musharraf’s power and make him ineffective in order to persuade the president to finally resign of his own accord.

There is no question Sharif is using the long march to help him gain political victories in the upcoming elections. The old powerful Musharraf no longer exists. There is sense in Zardari’s approach of restoring old judges while allowing the new ones to remain for the present in order to avoid more turmoil in the nation. Pakistan has numerous problems that require attention without being distracted by the presence of Musharraf. He has already been condemned to the dustbin of history, let him slumber for a period. He will be gone within a year, but Pakistan must focus on its immediate needs.

One Small Step For Democracy In China

It has been practice under Communist China legal procedures for individuals charged with crimes to have difficulty in securing legal assistance, but this will change under new procedures adopted by the government. From now on, lawyers will have the right to meet with their client once interrogation has been completed, and their conversations will no longer be monitored. Lawyers will also have the right to examine any evidence connected to the trial in order to prepare an effective defense. Up to this point, many lawyers have even hesitated to take on cases because of restrictions that have been placed in the way of a defense during a trial. These new procedures do not meet American standards, but they are a stop in the right direction. Hopefully, the Chinese Communist government will in the future expand the process of democracy.